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For Workouts, Pilates Lovers to HIIT! 



Is your favourite person a workout chameleon? From Pilates to HIIT to workouts and weight training our collections have all the above in mind. Explore beautiful quality eco gifts that you can use again and again beyond the season. To inspire the next year of creativity, calm and self care on and off the mat and taking those precious moments for yourself, setting goals for fitness or wellbeing and move your body. 
For Him, For Her, For Teens and Vegan Lifestyle, Best Friends and Under £30 Finds, we have lots of inspiration for you! 


For Workouts + Pilates:  



Calling all sweaty practices from HIIT to Pilates, our mats and accessories are washable, inspiring and creative! make yourself smile every time you roll out your mat! With comfort in mind, our mats are key collection pieces that are easy to clean, can be worn with trainers and whilst using weights! 



1. Circe Gallery Yoga Mat, £95 

Circe gallery yoga mat, the magic of the enchantress… reflect your innate powerful creativity, inspired by the energetic marks of this magical + invigorating mat!
Purple the colour of transcendence and a meditative state, step onto your eco friendly yoga mat and invoke spiritual calm with this original artist piece. Inspire your home rituals of loving self-care as you roll out, breathe deeply and connect to the universe within on a supportive and grounding base for your practice. 
A great mat for hiding sweat marks! 


 Circe Gallery Yoga Mat 




2. Touring Mat + Pad Bundle, £105

Live for travel and retreats? Then this is the set for her, light to carry, foldable into hand luggage or backpack and with the extra cushioning pad she can move around the mat if she needs a little extra support on the elbows or knees! Plus our mats are machine washable so she can get super sweaty in the heat, sandy on that beach retreat and simply rinse and wash clean, ready for the next day! Grab and dash to the park or take to the gym for your own hygienic mat! 



3. Cork Block and Alignment Strap Set, £30

With excellent grip and easy to use, our accessories are designed to assist you in deepening your stretch after workouts or blocks can be a great kit for when you cant quite reach the floor yet.

  • Natural Cork Block - easy to wipe clean - excellent support and grip 
  • Natural Cotton Strap with BKS Buckle - hand wash when needed
 Cork Block + Strap Set 




4. Yoga Mat Wash, £20 

Our Yoga Mat Cleaning Formula is perfect for in-between those sweaty sessions! A mildly uplifting fragrance blend with pure lavender and orange. 

Just spray, wait 60 seconds seconds and wipe, it couldn't be easier... This sanitiser yoga mat spray neutralises 99.9% of harmful bacteria. A lightly scented spray of natural ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate free, our formula is hygienic, easy to use and made from naturally derived ingredients in the UK.






5. Crystal Water Bottle, £35

Amethyst Crystal Infused Glass Bottles. Inside each bottle, beautiful gemstone obelisks to inspire your day and infuse the water. Experience the rejuvenating and clarifying effects of crystals in your daily ritual with the all-natural power of raw crystals. Each glass bottle features a vibrant crystal stone firmly secured within, creating an elixir that facilitates the positivity and purification of your mind and body.

The glass bottles have caps and bases made of stainless steel. The crystal base can be easily unscrewed before washing and using the crystal in your cleansing rituals, perfect for your desk water or keeping close.

 Crystal Water Bottles 

6. Kati Kaia Starter Kits, from £105

Great for extra kit and extra savings! Comprising of Travel or Gallery Yoga Mat of your choice, made of natural rubber, paired with Cotton Yoga Strap with BKS Iyengar buckle closure and Eco Cork Yoga Block to complete the set - easy to wipe clean, hygienic and supportive.

If you're looking for a versatile set, that will take you from home practice to retreat packing, beach side yoga and a workout on the move, Kati Kaia’s traveller starter kit is easy care, beautiful and sustainable, just like your lifestyle.
Travel Mats are foldable, washable, lighter base, great for taking on adventure or if you like a lighter 1.7 mm base.


 Yoga Mat Bundles + Starter Kits 




7. Revive and Restore Facial Sprays, £20

Let the feeling of calm wash over you with Natural Skin Tonics. This is such a great toner for after a sweaty workout, when you dont want to get spots. Spray the skin to cleanse your mat, your space around you, the atmosphere and tone your face with pure facial water spray.

This spray has been a beautiful part of our own home cleansing and rituals for some time, so we wanted to create a calming facial mist, natural and hydrating for your home practice. You can use it to tone skin after cleansing or to refresh and hydrate.


 Facial Tonics



8. The British Gut Health Box, £45 

At Kati Kaia, we are super passionate about health and wellbeing and that starts with your gut microbiome! Healing the gut is an important step towards feeling your best, most alive self... This British Gut Box focuses on the best quality ingredients for gut health and is all sourced from ethical, independent British Makers who put their art and heart into what they do. It's all products we use daily and enjoy ourselves, from gut support, to gut cordial and our favourite peppermint tea for a moment of bliss! 


 Gut Health Box 


9. Thalassa Eco PU Mat Pad, £35

Kati Kaia Yoga Pads are mini mats you can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give the comfort, stability and grip you need. Great for workouts and especially Pilates placing extra cushioning at the base of the spine or elbows. 

Eco PU surface, which gives a lovely different texture, grip and support. Layering upon a mat gives additional support under elbows or knees and pads are also super portable for taking outside, handstand practice, pilates on the go and more! A versatile piece of kit! With Complimentary Carry Strap, pairs beautifully with our Thalassa or Nephele Yoga Mats. 


 Yoga Mat Pads 


10. Essential Oil Pulse Roller Set, £30

A perfect set for a freshen up after class, a pick me up before class or to roller for some calm before sleep... our balancing set of our three signature pulse roller blends to suit your mood and usage. All our blends are in a vitamin E carrier oil, with pure essential oils. Each 10 ml pulse roller has their own unique properties are great for aromatherapy and mood boosting. A favourite of Ariana Grande in our store... 

Calm - Lavender + Rose + Vetiver

Joy - Spearmint + Orange + Myrrh

Love - Patchouli + Jasmine + Ylang Ylang

Comes in a cotton bag to safe keeping. Made in Sheffield, England. 


 Pure Pulse Oils 



Extra Entry... A Covent Garden Favourite... 

Aromatherapy Eye Pillow, £25

What I love the most about these eye pillows is their generous size as well as being able to be hot or cold... Spritz Wellness eye pillows are filled with dried lavender and chamomile to promote calm and relaxation. They are gently weighted with buckwheat hull and linseed to allow the pillow to contour to the eyes and forehead to release facial tension. Excellent for relaxing after workout and can go on the forehead or on any aches and pains as a lovely weight. 

The removable outer cover is hand washable and made from delicate grey fabric which is a soft yet durable. 

Ingredients: Dried Lavender, Dried Chamomile, Buckwheat hull, Linseed 


 Eye Pillow




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