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Thousands of species including five species of wild cat are threatened by illegal deforestation for plantations in the remote, rugged mountains of western Mexico. Our latest donation went to this Wild Land Project to help save them >






Mexico’s remote Sierra de Cacoma region, with its rugged, mountainous terrain rich in biodiversity, faces escalating threats from illegal deforestation and fire-clearing for plantations, agriculture and cattle, and uncontrolled infrastructure projects that continue to degrade its critical cloud forests.

This wild stretch of coastal mountains in western Mexico hosts an astonishing variety of natural features, elevations, soil types and climates. Thousands of species of plants, migratory birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals are found in this topographically complex area that is vital for wide-ranging wildlife.


Jaguarundi, by jirihosko


Rainforest Trust and our local partner, Pronatura Mexico, seek to protect an estimated 133,013 acres of coniferous tropical forest in this Pacific mountain range. The goal is for these water-rich forests to be designated by the government as a Hydrological Protection Area, because they form the headwaters of four important watersheds that provide critical water supplies to communities in the region.


Landscape of Sierra de Cacoma Mexico, courtesy Pronatura Mexico



Secure A Biological Corridor For Wide-Ranging Species

Sierra de Cacoma provides vital terrain for five of Mexico’s six remaining wild cat species, including Jaguar and Puma—two of the largest cats in the Americas that roam territories stretching over 50 square miles. The habitat also sustains smaller cats like Jaguarundi, Ocelot and Bobcat, which also require ample range.

The proposed Sierra de Cacoma State Reserve fills a critical gap within a north-south biological corridor spanning over 6.1 million acres and three key national protected areas. This connectivity corridor is crucial for the survival of Northern Mexico’s threatened felines. The reserve also offers hope for the Endangered Mexican Wolf’s return to its historic range. These mountains hold immense ecological importance, and biological surveys have documented 10 forest types and extensive biodiversity that includes 775 plant species, 88 species of mammals, 298 bird species, 90 species of reptiles and 27 species of amphibians.


Ocelot, by Saad315


Stop Tree-Felling In The Sierra de Cacoma Mountains For Illegal Plantations

Much of the land in the Sierra de Cacoma region is farmed as ejidos—communally farmed areas—or is owned by small private landowners. Our partner will consult both ejido leaders and municipal authorities as the project moves forward so they can work together to improve governance to support conservation and land use management while safeguarding a historically marginalized community.


Jaguarundi, by Tambako the Jaguar


This is such a fascinating project, to read more about this amazing project and how you can further support Rainforest Trust to save lands and habitats for bio-diversity far and wide check out the link below. These projects are essential for our future and our children's future in helping these species survive out changing and challenging planet. 





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