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Lets just get stuck in with the 237 Reasons why I do Yoga...!


1: Feels really good

2: And that good feeling lasts all day after I've stepped off my mat...

3: There's no fall out - no aches like after a run, no hangover after that fun night...what happened that night anyway?...

4: I sleep better

5: I'm more positive

6: Helps with hormone regulation 

7: Makes PMT manageable

8: Yoga is non competitive and encourages non-judgement - I don't give myself a hard time about small stuff

9: An excuse to buy sexy, bum sculpting leggings & mats… yes I said it…

10: Yoga has helped me live in the moment - and enjoy that moment

11: I feel more compassionate 

12: I seek deeper human connection 

13: I let go of self-limiting beliefs (or try to…)

14: Yoga stimulates my creativity

15: I create a beautiful space to practice Yoga and my students appreciate it 

16: During Yoga postures self awareness is prevalent 

17: I'm less reactive and more reflective

18: I'm inspired by other teachers and pupils

19: I create an awesome community 

20: I concentrate on my breath - that can be the biggest challenge! 


21: I create a steady and even breath and notice how that affects my body and mind  

22: I focus internally and find quietness

23: I breathe deeply and feel relaxed

24: I notice what comes up - without judgement

25: Tuning into tension in the body

26: Realise how I'm feeling emotionally

27: Release tension - with a big sigh - aaaahhhhhhhh

28: Lion's breath - how funny looking is that?! 

29: Practising breathing techniques can be challenging, revealing and empowering

30: Kapalabati - Shining Skull Breath - makes you look radiant and you never have to wear make up again - google it

31: Laughing Yoga - if you haven't tried it - put it on your bucket list…

32. Yoga boosts our immune system

33: Yoga - any time, any where!

34: If I don't practice for a while it doesn't matter - just get back on the bike - without judgement, of course

35: Chanting -  try it, you might like it

36: Yoga is for everyone

37: You don't have to be flexible - if you can't touch your toes - bend your knees

38: The knowing is in the doing- "practice and all is coming"  BKS Iyengar

39: Tune into nature and the seasons

40: Be more - do less

41: Judge… less

42: Reduce self-destructive behaviours

43: I've found cravings and addictions have lessened - less of the "I want, I want" - more of "I accept...and thank you"

44: Stress reduces

45. Improved body/mind connection and awareness

46. I've experienced different ways of reaching a meditative state ranging from; staring at a lemon to alternate nostril breathing.  This stuff works.

47: Being a Yoga teacher is the best job in the world!


So I'm biased, yes, Yoga can be tough and a bit grim...when we're hanging on in a posture and we can't find that ease in our breath it is really challenging.  When I'm teaching I embrace a light-hearted approach.  Tree pose; press your foot to your thigh, turn up the corners of your mouth, it works every time.  Try Laughing Yoga.    


Yoga has helped me through stressful times - when I was really stressed - that was the hardest time to roll out the mat…   

I knew I'd come back to it when I was ready.  Yoga has helped me mentally.  By cultivating a non-judgemental attitude I could come back to my mat -when it was the right time for me.  I didn't berate myself.  I gave a big sigh, felt a bit teary and it was just like getting back on that bike.

Watch this space for reasons 48 - 237 !



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