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The Wellness Almanac

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Your yearlong guide to creating positive spiritual habits

Embrace mindfulness, self-love and holistic health in this stunning month-by-month wellness almanac that will lift your heart, mind, body and soul.

Beautifully designed, lovingly crafted, and filled with mindful affirmations, activities and insights, this gorgeous book will help you embrace the seasons, be empowered by rituals, and create positive spiritual habits all year long.

Each page shares a mindful insight for inner understanding, and the year-long structure means that activities are tailored for the natural seasonal rhythms which guide us through winter, spring, summer and autumn.

Pick out the month and rest your mind’s eye on the pages ahead. Discover seasonal affirmations, rituals, reflections and practical insights for creative mindfulness, nature connection and inner understanding in this soulful guide to creating daily spiritual habits.


A thoughtful and loving gift for your soulful friend, even when that's you! 


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William Morris