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Thalassa Gallery Yoga Mat - Kati Kaia

Immerse Your Soul

Loved by Teachers, Independently Tested + Voted 'Best Luxury Yoga Mat 2024' by The Independent + Harper's Bazaar

Best Luxury Yoga Mat 2024

'For those serious about their practice, sometimes getting a good yoga mat can make the world of difference, and we promise this one delivers in spades.'

These immersive mats will help you to delve deeper into the spiritual element of your practice and find a sense of zen.

Adorned in beautiful abstract paintings that will inspire your practice from the moment you roll it out. It's longer than most yoga mats on the market, meaning you've got plenty of space to work out.

Best Luxury Travel Mat

'The rubber base clings to any floor surface superbly, while a quick spritz of water will activate the grip on the upper.'

Our tester's seal of approval. offering a soft and comfortable platform to lie on, without comprimising on grip.

Most yoga mats prioritise either grip or comfort, but Kati Kaia has stepped up its game and brings both in equal measure. The mat is soft to the touch, yet stays firmly in place as you transition between poses.

Amethyst Mala Bracelet with moonstone, quartz, prehnite and sandalwood for meditation and mindfulness by Kati Kaia

Peace + Joy

Spreading the message of unity, peace and joy. We are on a mission to SPREAD THE JOY of yoga, meditation and calm, to guide you on the journey to a balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle and to connect to the loving self within with tools to inspire transformation.

Awaken The Awe In Everyday

We are on a mission to reflect the powerful source of nature as a metamorphosis to unlock creativity. With the universal thread of movement, joy and peace. Using creativity to enliven the senses, speak to the soul and give us energy and power for deeper connection to our surroundings. Let's awaken the awe in the everyday to bring joy to the present.

< The Sacred Om >

Artist Soul

The story behind our products is our artworks which are all hand-painted original abstracts by artist, yogi + founder, Kati, in her art studio nestled in the Surrey Hills.

Our Studio
Kati Kaia Store, Covent Garden

Covent Garden Edit

As a winner of Start Up with Seven Dials, our pop-up shop in Covent Garden was our first pop up and such a joy! We...
Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra

The Sahasrara Chakra is located at the top of the head and is also known as the Crown Chakra. Sahasrara is the final of the...
Nephele Lime Yoga Mat by Kati Kaia, Natural Rubber base with recycled top, circular yoga mat


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