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Kit Salvia Seca + Cedro

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Paquetes atados a mano de salvia natural con cedro + cristal de selenita

Una mezcla de nuestros paquetes favoritos con Palo Santo y Salvia Europea.

  • Cedro con lavanda inglesa (de nuestro jardín)
  • Paquete Palo Santo*
  • Salvia UE con Hoja de Olivo
  • Salvia Estadounidense con Naranja Seca + Canela
  • Varita de cristal de selenita
  • Curso de meditación para principiantes en línea

*Palo Santo proviene de una fuente peruana. Aprobada por el gobierno, solo cortan de ramas caídas. Cada caja viene con acceso a nuestro curso de meditación para principiantes en línea. Los palitos miden 10 cms.

Instrucciones de uso

Manténgalo en ángulo apuntando hacia abajo. Enciende la punta y apaga la llama para que sólo se produzca humo. Dirige este humo alrededor de tu cuerpo o espacio y deja que el incienso permanezca.

Cuando termine, colocar en un recipiente ignífugo y apagar en arena.

Información de limpieza con salvia y humo
Meaning & Origin

Smoke cleansing is a common practice worldwide. It means that you burn herbs such as white sage, to fill and clean a certain space with the smoke.

Cleaning refers to "spiritual cleaning", so the expelling of negative energy.

Many cultures throughout the world use the burning of herbs, flowers and incense to clear negative energy and for ceremony. The earliest origins are seen with the Pagan and Druids in Britain and also the Native Americans in the USA. Both these cultures use smoke cleansing in their practices to this day.

Many people admire the connection to earth, nature and spirit the act of smoke cleanse can bring.

White sage sticks can be burnt for many reasons including moving into a new home, after a period of illness, starting a new chapter in your life or simply to refresh your energy before your daily meditation.

You can read more about smoke cleansing and it's deep roots here.


Intention to use in cleansing your self and home:

‘I open this space to divine love, may all the energy that flows through here benefit the heart space. May it hold compassion, nuturance, truth and positive energy.’

How to burn white sage

- Open as many windows and doors as possible

- Place the sage stick on a plate, shell or dish

- Light the sage stick until you see a flame

- Blow out the flame so that the herbs smoulder

- Spread the smoke from the herbs carefully, for example with a card or feather

This bunch of smudge herbs has white sage as a base, in combination with flowers. The scent of white sage is strong, while the flowers and herbs lighten and cheer up the aroma.

When finished, place in a fireproof bowl and watch carefully as to extinguish or put out in sand.

Good vibes!

How are these made?

All the ingredients of this natural product are 100% purely organic and non toxic.

Produced in small artisan batches from organic farm in Upland, California. Supporting Native American family run business. Our white sage is organically and sustainably grown on privately owned land (never wild harvest) with no pesticide or butane for fast, harsh drying. Each bundle is soaked in the Californian sun to dry and gently comes to age to adorn your home.

Our Palo Santo is imported straight from Peru. We go through a sustainable source to acquire these ultra fragrant Palo Santo sticks that are always only ever harvested from naturally fallen trees, never cut down by force. The village that farms and collects these trees are accredited by the Peruvian Government.

Sage and Palo Santo use has deep roots, we must respect that and by supporting native businesses who also have respect for mother earth, love to share their ancient practices and lift their communities.

Hand packed and securely shipped is convenient BPA free packaging.

Direct from the Farm

Our Flowers & Sage is all sourced directly from the Farm where our bundles are made in native owned land in Upland, California, produced in small artisan batches. 100% purely organic and non toxic.

Privately owned (never wild harvest) with no pesticide or butane for fast, harsh drying. Each bundle is soaked in the sun to dry and gently comes to age.

Yoga Japa Mala Jewellery and Crystal Healing by Kati Kaia

Peace + Joy

Spreading the message of unity, peace and joy. We are on a mission to guide you all on the journey to a balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle and to connect to the loving self within with the tools to inspire transformation.

Sometimes a little curiousity + play, spark a whole new adventure!

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