frequenTLY asked questions


What materials are actually in my mat?

Our mat base consist of 100% Natural Rubber - that's it. 

All sourced from sustainable, non-Amazon tapped trees. Free-from all plastics and metal fillers. The top layer is made of a soft vegan suede polyester, which is made from recycled PET bottles and printed with water-based ecological inks. 


For in-between a sweaty session (or two), we recommend a quick wipe down with water and a little lemon juice, to cut through any oils on the surface. For a good deep clean, your mat can be popped into the washing machine with some citrus juice for freshness, there is no need for detergent which can release fibres. We recommend a 30 degree quick wash. Hang out to air dry. 


The base of the mat is made from 100% natural rubber, with no plastic or other material fillers that other yoga mats may have. Natural Rubber has a little weight to it. Our mats are also wider and longer than standard yoga mat sizes. We developed this so you can really stretch out and enjoy your practice. Our mats are a generous 183 cms (That's 6ft!) in length and 66 cms wide. It weights 3.2 kg. 

Our touring mats are super light for packing in your hand luggage, navigating the tube and climbing up that mountain for your best yoga spot. They are the same size at 183 cms (6ft) x 66 cms with a lighter 1.7 mm thickness and weigh just 1.9 kg. 

how do you package the mat?

Each mat is packed in our signature brushstrokes printed cardboard box that you can keep for easy storage or recycle with your paper recycling. For delivery this is then placed in a postal box, which is again acceptable for your paper recycling bin. We are committed to keeping our packaging beautiful, functional and not wasteful.   

A cotton strap is included in the package to carry your mat.  


It's normal for the surface to feel slightly slippery the first couple of times, so don't worry. Our premium mats work the opposite way to plastic mats, the more you sweat, the better the grip becomes. To activate the anti-slip function you need to get the mat a little wet. Either use a water spray to spritz the surface before practice, to which you could also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil, to enhance all your senses. During hot yoga your sweat will activate the anti-slip function. Also, the more you use your mat, the better the grip gets and not the other way around as in traditional PVC surfaces. The mat gets better the more worn it is.

Activating both your hands and feet in your practice, will also ensure a super grip.

Use your whole body with the mat. 

how is the top surface attached?

do you not use a glue?

Our mats are Free-From PVC, Silicone, Chlorine and Phthalates. No glues are used to attach our beautiful paintings. It is a technique called heat sublimation, which bonds the layers using just that alone... heat! 

We have researched... A LOT... and found that during the process of making PVC, harmful chemicals and carcinogens are released. Many yoga mats also have chemicals added to make them non-slip, these are called Phthalates, though they are invisible to the eye, they can easily be inhaled during your practice.

We understand the importance of having a chemical free mat. Stay away from plastics and PVC's! They may be a cheaper production but the impact on your health and the environment should be your first choice.