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Boîte de nettoyage de méditation mentale

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Cadeau méditation et relaxation, passez le rituel.

Nos coffrets cadeaux de collection de rituels contiennent tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour planter le décor et démarrer votre pratique de méditation. Ce coffret cadeau de relaxation anime les sens, purifie l'énergie et crée un espace pour votre pratique, accompagné d'un cours d'introduction à la méditation guidée pour commencer.

Un coffret cadeau de méditation réfléchi composé de pièces spécialement sélectionnées pour un style de vie plus calme.

Chaque boîte contient :

Mélange végétalien Pulse Point en vitamine E (10 ml) Calme, joie ou amour.

10 x cordes d'encens en cèdre de l'Himalaya

2 x bâtonnets Palo Santo

Paquet de sauge biologique noué à la main (peut être un mélange de fleurs séchées)

Pot en terre cuite fabriqué à la main, le design change à chaque saison

Quartz* Pierre roulée

Sac en coton pour le rangement

Accès en ligne au mini-cours de méditation

Cette boîte mesure 230 x 165 x 50 mm et est livrée avec un nœud noué. Vous pouvez ajouter un emballage cadeau à la caisse si vous le souhaitez.


Our meditation gift boxes are a wonderful gift for a stressed out loved one, featuring calming essential oil blends to deepen relaxation and positivity. Each box comes with online access to our introduction to meditation course. Use the power of aromatherapy to unlock the senses and move through energy to heal and create space for peace.

Meditation has be proven to have so many benefits, from dealing with stress, being aware of your emotions and anxieties, calming the mind and even lowering blood pressure with the beautiful blend of aromatherapy to help deal with stress.

self care

Curated to give a lovely introduction into the power of meditation and self-care with a ritual box designed to make you create the space and time to start a meditation practice and begin to play with the calming effects of aromatherapy blends and meditation with the added sensory body oil and natural soy candles with Pure Organic Essential Oil blends.

All our blends are organic 100% pure plant based essential oils. Handmade in the UK.


All purchases made at will be in our signature gift packaging.

Our meditation and riual collections comes in a gift box (Recycled Box / FSC certified) which can be used for keeping affirmations, rituals and keep-sakes.

For gifts, you may add a personalised message to the recipient before finishing your order. We also have a gift wrap service you can add here.

How to burn white sage

- Open as many windows and doors as possible

- Place the sage stick on a shell or dish

- Light the smudging stick until you see a flame

- Blow out the flame so that the herbs smolder

- Spread the smoke from the herbs carefully, for example with a feather

This bunch of smudge herbs has white sage as a base, in combination with flowers. The scent of white sage is strong, while the flowers and herbs lighten and cheer up the aroma. Good vibes!

How are these made?

All the ingredients of this natural product are 100% purely organic and non toxic.

Our White Sage is organically and sustainably grown on privately owned land (never wild harvest) with no pesticide or butane for fast, harsh drying. Each bundle is soaked in the sun to dry and gently comes to age to adorn your home and for all your smoke cleanse needs.

Our Apothecary blends are all hand-made in England using organic and pure essential oil ingredients.

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