artist yoga mats


Behind every Kati Kaia Mat is a signature artwork. Each painting is crafted and painted in our lovely studio. We want to share the creative process, time, work and craftsmanship that goes into the evolution of each mat design, which makes our pieces so special. Each piece is created over months, painting and re-working layer upon layer of paint to create the story, musing or emotion. These large oil paintings are then scanned on a flat-bed scanner at our fine art digitaliser, where they are worked upon further, enhancing the colour story and getting the positioning of each section just right, so you cant wait to step on the mat to practise.


"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful"


painted yoga red


Colour and movement has been an obsession of ours for some time, using colour and shape to interpret musings and how tones of colours work together or jar with each other to impact mood. The profound emotional escape and expression felt through painting is transfered to canvas. Story telling is important, from ancient mythology to the desperation of the modern world. This is counter-balanced by the juxtaposition with human emotion and the profound beauty found in the sanctuary of nature.

painted yoga yellow


The removal of technology, noise and the constant stream of media, stripping imagery back to the beginnings of colour and the beauty alone in that, is something we will be exploring for some time to come. Intrigued by the effect this has on our own practise of yoga, pilates and training with the enhancement of colour. Looking at the effect colour has to play on the mind, our mood and our children, we want to address the imbalance in our lives by saturating ourselves in the colours we need to bring about positive change...