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It’s not everyday that small independent brands get featured in large national newspapers or magazines. But last Sunday (Jul 28th) we were in The Sunday Telegraph - ekk, so very exciting! So when we saw our Melete Yoga Mat was chosen for Stella Loves! We all had to do a little dance, a few (dozen) jumps up and down, and a little gratitude prayer to boot!


Did you spot us? We were told it was the most arty and creative mat they had ever seen! As a daily yogi, they was very excited about our range. So that is super lovely and a boost to keep on going! Just as we are busy in the studio, painting some new ideas.


Having a small start up is hard going sometimes, not going to lie, we have a lovely community on-and-offline of people in the exact same boat as us and the support and love has been greatly felt! Little things like this really keep us upbeat and forward facing! Thank you Charlotte @ Stella Loves and The Sunday Telegraph!




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