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The Future Depends On What You Do In The Present

Mahatma Gandhi

At Kati Kaia London we believe that by making conscious purchases, we will be the generation to create a global movement of sustainability as a given, which will ensure the protection of the environment for generations to come.  

We value natural products & processes, drawing from nature as much as possible. Our yoga mats composition of natural tree rubber is finished with a microfiber surface, made from recycled PET bottles and printed using water inks, which is fully recyclable, will biodegrade in about 52 weeks. 

Our approach is holistic, alongside our love of beautifully designed products that last and inspire. We believe creativity and art should be shared, loved and enjoyed and not just for the few, so we can live inspired with #VICE - Vision - Inspiration - Compassion - Empowerment.  From the sale of every Kati Kaia Yoga Mat we donate acres of land for conservation in support of Rainforest Trust UK.

We have set company pillars and policies in place that we share with our suppliers to be maintained, including our equality policy, modern day slavery act and our own standards policy below.

Recycle Scheme

Though your mat will last for years, we do encourage recycling it when you are ready to move the energy of your chakra or work with a different colour therapy. Send us your used Kati Kaia yoga mat and we will ensure it gets delivered to the most needed refugee scheme. There are many drop off points in the UK for donations to the crisis in Europe and Internationally, who would very much appreciate your donation. Used mats can make excellent sleeping mats, ground flooring for tents and beyond.

Although you could re-use your mat for multiple ideas, or plant your mat in the garden for it to bio-degrade, we would actively encourage you to seek a donation centre. There are many grass roots organisations across the UK and worldwide and if you can't find one near you please contact us for more information. A link to the various donation points and map is below where you can type in your postcode to find your nearest contact for donations.

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

Chief Seattle

Thank you in your interest in Kati Kaia and our philosophy as a brand, you can read more about the creative journey & our artist studio here. Where all the unique and original paintings are designed and made and our stories begin...

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