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When your travelling abroad it can be great to get some tips and tricks so not to be crazy overwhelmed with so many sights to see! Being a Londoner and Surrey Hills girl, it was difficult o narrow down the best places to see on a weekend trip to London when asked by Elle Magazine Poland to share a few favourite spots, I could have picked at least 20! 

I love my time out of the city exploring nature just as much as the amazing city sights, and even a trip to the coast is always in order for R&R and the sea air, especially if its hot or the south downs trails are also amazing! We are so lucky, that if you don't mind to sit on a train for 40 mins or so, you can be exploring some of the most beautiful nature trails and hikes or finding some amazing hilltops for yoga. 



At the time of publishing we had our beautiful pop up in the centre of Covent Garden's Seven Dials on historic Short's Gardens. But with little notice we also got asked to leave pretty promptly for they wanted to start renovations for a big shop project and thus we left just as the magazine hit the shelves, sorry for anyone that swung by to say hello, we were as upset as you! Alas, Covent Garden is still utterly beautiful and Neal's Yard is well worth a visit, with it's courtyard of sparkling lights and al fresco dining, on a late sunny day its busy and buzzy and full of smiling faces with glasses of cool drinks and a little vegan cafe on the corner is also a great spot for brunch.   


 Our Covent Garden Store was a large fixture on Shorts Gardens in Seven Dials

Classic area in London for shopping, Covent Garden is in the middle of theatre land, west end stars stroll the streets in their lunch breaks, dancers from all walks of life and shows, the Royal Ballet, the National Theatre, Seven Dials Theatres have the best musicals from around the world, as well as vintage shopping and exciting brands all come together in a special mix of old and new. 


So, where are the good central London and Surrey Hills tourist spots for a holiday when visiting the UK? These are my favourites, in no real order! 

  • The Serpentine Gallery + Swimming Baths 
  • St James' Park for Yoga in the Park 
  • La Goccia Restaurant with friends, Covent Garden 
  • Richmond Park, workout with a friend or picnic in the park 




  • The Surrey Hills - Nature and Artisan Trails (Woodland hikes) 
  • The Beaverbrook Spa, Leatherhead, Surrey (Heavenly)  
  • Saatchi Gallery + Kings Road Shops 
  • Shere in Surrey, Silent Pool, High Clandon Vineyard and Dabbling Duck 
  • Rooftop Bars in London to watch the sunset!

There are so many great spot to share, the South Down Trails, Ferring and Goring by Sea - all my favourite places in the summer, walking accross waterloo bridge in the summer with the sun is such a beautiful place, listening to music whilst strolling the streets and vintage shopping in covent garden are all such joys, as taking your practice outside to the parks or woodlands, to feel the sun on your face. 

Where do you like to explore London in the summer? Any special yoga spots? Thank You Elle Magazine for sharing mine! 


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