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Kati Kaia Yoga Mats: We want to be at the front of circular and reducing waste by using the most eco materials to protect Mother Earth while educating on materials. So when thinking about ways to take care of the planet it got us thinking. How can we give our mats a new life?

Though your mat will last for years with good care we do encourage recycling when you are ready to move the energy of your mat. You can send us your Kati Kaia natural rubber used mat and we will ensure it gets recycled, re-purposed and reused to the most needed project information we have or refugee scheme both in the UK and overseas.

Kati Kaia yoga mats are natural rubber so you can also re-purpose your mat at home, using it for planet liners, mouse mats or any other innovative use! Ours are all lining flower planters in our community gardens! You can also simply plant it in the garden for it to bio-degrade over time, which will take between 1 - 5 years, depending on your environment.

We would actively encourage you to seek a donation centre near you or send it into us. We can only process Kati Kaia mats as we know them to be non toxic and without glues, so we can't take any other brands at this stage.

If you have a plastic or foam mat, the best solution is to take it to a refugee scheme, where they can be cleaned thoroughly and reused for sleeping or floor mats. There are drop off points throughout the UK for donations to the crisis in Europe and Internationally, who would very much appreciate your donation. Used mats can make excellent sleeping mats, ground flooring for tents and beyond...

There are many grass roots organisations across the UK and worldwide who will take all materials of mats and if you can't find one near you please contact us for more information.

Care4Calais drop off points are in the map below. 


Basis Yorkshire - Leeds based charity working with women (including trans) sex workers (working across the sex industry) and/or vulnerable women and young people experiencing sexual abuse and exploitation, to end stigma, create safety and promote empowerment. They would gladly receive any old mats/blocks/equipment for use in their community classes. Please mark clearly for donations and send to the below address:

Basis Yorkshire, 94, North Street | Leeds LS2 7PN | 0113 243 0036 | | Charity No. 1120350