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Mantra Meditation is a meditation technique that quickly calms the mind and brings you into the present moment with the use of sounds and vibrations. Meditating with a mantra gives you an anchor to return to whenever your thoughts, feelings or attention detour. It is great for those who find the silence of meditation difficult. This type of meditation uses a repetitive sound to clear the mind. It can be a word, phrase, or sound, such as the popular “OM.”

You can read about Om and the meaning behind some of the best yoga Mantras in our blog here. If you want to try some yoga mantras, please read the extra reading article below as well as our blog and understand the use of the sounds. We will be focussing on powerful repetition mantras initially.


A mantra is a powerful sound or vibration that you can use to enter a deep state of meditation. I often use affirmations as mantras, too.

Silently repeating a mantra as you meditate is a quick way to enter into stillness and release your thoughts.

Press play and close your eyes.

Answer these questions in your Download worksheet below:

What was it like for you to focus on the words rather that the breath?

Was it easy to stay focused or did your mind wander?

In the moments when you were focused, did you recognize any truth or guidance coming through? Do you feel like you connected deeper?




A repetition mantra meditation using the Sanskrit Sam Nam - If you want to try different meditation with Sanskrit and words such as ‘Om’ - this is a beautiful one we can try together.

Sat Nam can be a way to find your intuition and both parts can be chanted on their own. ‘Sat’ can be also practiced 8 times longer than ‘Nam’, or even longer to feel the radiation in your body. This is a seed (Bij) mantra, and within this seed is contained all the knowledge of the fully grown tree. The seed is the identity of truth embodied in a dense form- the truth of your soul. Chanting this mantra balances the five elements (tattvas), awakens the soul and brings your destiny present. Try this at home with your practice or meditation and you can talk to your Kundalini teacher about your experience and guidance. It is normally chanted in a long fashion with the hands in prayer pose at the heart center after taking a deep inhale at the end of a Kundalini Yoga class. Truth is our identity. We are vibrating our existence.

“What is it that really matters to you when you really look at it? The only thing that matters is you want to experience this life as profoundly as possible.
Some people think love will do it, some people think money will do it, some people think sex will do it, some people think something else will do it. But whether a man is going to a temple or to the bar - all he is looking for is a larger slice of life. The only way to experience this is to be hyper-perspective.

By enhancing your perception and not enhancing your imagination.”


Further Reading in our VICE BLOG includes the highlighted posts below - work your way through the different mantras, techniques and meditation ideas, you can always come back to the breath and our first lesson whenever you need it and enjoy your journey - whether this is just the beginning - wow, I am so excited for you and the world that is opening up at your feet, to a longtime yogi needing to refresh, needing to fall in love with your practice all over again and feel the connection to the world around us.

Sometimes, the world feels very stressful, we live in challenging times, people around you may seem highly strung and even aggressive, it is through these techniques you will be able to calm your Self, calm your mind and breathe properly again, like we were born to breathe - let your breath heal you, resettle the mind and you can always come back to your life or work after.

Be present, connect to your emotions and re-balance for a moment or two and i’m sure you will be able to tackle your task ahead with confidence, inner strength and calm - that is the gift of meditation and why we should all - pass the ritual of self care and creative joy!