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Our Universe >

Let's delve deeper...

Journey beyond, connecting to the power within...

Breathe, take my hand...

Let's Reconnect,

To the innate joyful nature...

< Within us all >


To Freedom.

Movement, Artistry, Dance, Express Your Soul, Break Free, Be A Spiritual Activist, Free Your Self, Listen To The Soil, Connect Within, Connect to Each Other, Connect To The Earth and Life, Journey to the Other, Feel the Earth Beneath, Feel Love, Our Innate Loving Nature, Connect to your Spirit, Feel the Power of Vibrational Energy, Plant Power, Healing, Self Love, Give Love, More Love, Joy, Peace, Stillness & Unity.

Till there is nothing else.


Together we can,

Guide our way back and lift the soul with art, pure expression, creativity and movement, opening the body & connecting the mind, to inspire our communities, gather in the power of our stillness ...

to what lies beneath all of us...

Simply, Pure Joy.

Kati Kaia, translates from Kati meaning Pure/Purity and Kaia is a name tied to both the earth and the sea which have powerful symbolism of creativity, strength, force of will, and emotional depth. Kaia evokes adventure and joy.

Immerse yourself in Pure Joy!