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Kit Sauge Fleurs Séchées Européennes + Cèdre

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Paquets naturels de sauge attachés à la main avec cèdre et cristal de sélénite

Nos magnifiques bouquets de Sauge européenne sont mélangés à des Pétales Roses, L'eucalyptus et le cèdre donnent un parfum agréable et rendent vos rituels de nettoyage à la fumée vraiment uniques et spéciaux, aident à éliminer l'énergie négative et à les utiliser en connexion plus profonde dans les pratiques de méditation. Certains considèrent la sélénite comme l'un des cristaux les plus importants dans la boîte à outils d'un travailleur énergétique et on pense qu'elle possède de puissants bienfaits curatifs.

  • Sauge avec Pétales de bougainvilliers
  • Sauge à l' Eucalyptus
  • Sauge à la feuille d'olivier
  • Cèdre
  • Baguette de cristal de sélénite
  • Cours de méditation en ligne pour débutants

Cette sauge provient de notre ferme biologique en Crète, en Grèce.

Le coffret cadeau contient quatre bâtons de sauge bio avec une baguette en cristal brut de sélénite. Les bâtons et la baguette mesurent environ 10 cm de long. Chaque boîte comprend un accès à notre cours de méditation en ligne pour débutants.

Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur le nettoyage de la fumée ici.

Meaning & Origin

Smoke cleansing is a common practice worldwide. It means that you burn herbs such as white sage, to fill and clean a certain space with the smoke.

Cleaning refers to "spiritual cleaning", so the expelling of negative energy.

Many cultures throughout the world use the burning of herbs, flowers and incense to clear negative energy and for ceremony. The earliest origins are seen with the Pagan and Druids in Britain and also the Native Americans in the USA. Both these cultures use smoke cleansing in their practices to this day.

Many people admire the connection to earth, nature and spirit the act of smoke cleanse can bring.

Dried Herb sticks can be burnt for many reasons including moving into a new home, after a period of illness, starting a new chapter in your life or simply to refresh your energy before your daily meditation.

You can read more about smoke cleansing and it's deep roots here.


Intention to use in cleansing your self and home:

‘I open this space to divine love, may all the energy that flows through here benefit the heart space. May it hold compassion, nuturance, truth and positive energy.’

How to burn sage

- Open as many windows and doors as possible

- Place the sage stick on a shell or dish

- Light the sage stick until you see a flame

- Blow out the flame so that the herbs smolder

- Spread the smoke from the herbs carefully, for example with a feather

This bunch of smudge herbs has white sage as a base, in combination with flowersand herbs. The scent of white sage is strong, while the flowers and herbs lighten and cheer up the aroma.

When finished, place in a fireproof bowl and extinguish fully, watch carefully or put out in sand.

Good vibes!

How are these made?

All the ingredients of this natural product are 100% purely organic and non toxic.

Produced in small artisan batches from an organic farm in Crete, Greece. The cedar is gathered from the mountain tops of Crete, where the weather keeps them fresh and smelling so good, they are harvested from fallen branches only.

Our sage is organically and sustainably grown on privately owned land (never wild harvest) with no pesticide or butane for fast, harsh drying. Each bundle is soaked in the Mediterranean sun to dry and gently comes to age to adorn your home.

Sage and smoke cleansing has deep roots, we must respect that and by supporting businesses who also have respect for mother earth, love to share their ancient practices to lift their communities.

Direct from the Farm

Our Flowers & Sage is all sourced directly from a small holding Herb Farm where our bundles are hand-tied by our female artisan in Crete, Greece, produced in small batches. 100% purely organic and non toxic.

The Cedar is from the hilltops of Crete, gathered from fallen branches only and dried in the sun.

Privately owned (never wild harvest) with no pesticide or butane for fast, harsh drying. Each bundle is soaked in the sun to dry and gently comes to age.

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