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Give the gift of Pure Joy! 

This year ahead, to prioritise holistic wellbeing and the practices that keep you happy, mentally strong, healthy and bring small pockets of joy to the day. Explore beautiful quality eco gifts that you can use again and again beyond the season. To inspire the next year of creativity, calm and self care on and off the mat and taking those precious moments for yourself, setting goals for fitness or wellbeing, a meditation practice for your mind, or making time to inspire your soul and move your body. 
For Him, For Her, For Teens and Vegan Lifestyle, Best Friends and Under £30 Finds, we have lots of inspiration for you! 


For Her:  




To show just how much you care, our gifts for her really reflect and inspire feminine energy, through our artwork yoga mats to beautiful meditation and sage gifts, to enhance her self care rituals or daily routines. 

1. Erytheia Gallery Yoga Mat, £95 

Our feminine, glorious pink and coral mat, reflects the warm glow of the sun as you salute the day. Luxury cushioning thickness at 4.5 mm, machine washable and easy to care, perfect for all sweaty practices, from Vinyasa to workouts, HIIT and pilates! You simply can't go wrong... except if their favourite colour is blue, you might want to check out our Thalassa Gallery Yoga Mat! 


 Artistry Gallery Yoga Mats



2. Touring Mat + Pad Bundle, £105

Live for travel and retreats? Then this is the set for her, light to carry, foldable into hand luggage or backpack and with the extra cushioning pad she can move around the mat if she needs a little extra support on the elbows or knees! Plus our mats are machine washable so she can get super sweaty in the heat, sandy on that beach retreat and simply rinse and wash clean, ready for the next day! 


 Yoga Mat Bundles 



3. European Sage Kit, £48

This is such a beautiful kit for your self care, meditation, smoke cleansing rituals. Whether you use your Sage to cleanse you self, your aura, your soul or your space and surroundings, our sage is lovingly hand tied in Crete, Greece. From our female founded organic herb farmer, Lucy, who gathers and dries the herbs and fallen branches of Cedar and Eucalyptus from the mountain tops in the sun alone, no pesticides, no toxins, just clean, organic bundles to inspire calm and smell divine! 

 European Sage Cleanse Kit 




4. Selene Necklace Mala, £95 

Our beautiful Selene Mala, made from Moonstone, Agate, Sandalwood and Rainbow Moonstone, this Mala is popular with Kundalini Yogis and those connecting with the high vibrations. 

A stone for New BeginningsMoonstone & Rainbow Moonstone is wonderful for inner growth and strength. Said to soothe emotional instability and stress, stabilise the emotions, providing calm.  Moonstone enhances intuition, inspiration and is closely linked to balance, softness, and peace.

 Yoga Crystal Mala 





5. Restore, Natural Body Oil, £24

A sumptuous blend of Rose, Lavender and Orange Blossom.

This essential oil blends organic pure essential oils and all-natural ingredients of skin-treating oils – Vitamin E-rich Sweet Almond Oil, high in omega-3 hemp oil, balancing Lavender and rejuvenating Rose oil– with a warm Orange Blossom blended scent. Add a touch of luxury to your self-care rituals and create balance with inner and outer harmony to treat your skin. Also available in our Body Gift Set, featured below! 

6. Body Rituals Gift Box, £58 

Relaxation and Calming Ritual Box for Mind, Body + Soul. This relaxation gift box enlivens the senses, soothes and calms with a mini guided meditation course to get started. A thoughtful meditation gift of specially selected pieces to guide your meditations and practice and soothe the body, all you need for the ultimate release and self care.

 Meditation Kits + Gifts 




7. The Gallery, Travel + Pad Mat Bundle, £185

With this bundle, you can have the best Yoga mats with you at home or away, plus the extra cushioning when you need it!

Comprising of Artistry Gallery Yoga Mat of your choice, made of natural rubber, paired with our Travel Mat, perfect for commuting or retreats and Yoga Pad - easy to wipe clean, hygienic and supportive for extra cushioning when you need it. All the kit to take you through the year, from Home, Studio and Travels!


 Yoga Mat Bundles 



8. The Original Koshi Chimes

The Koshi chime is an authentic musical masterpiece, an original work of art crafted with care. Hand-crafted at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, each chime is produced with meticulous precision. Made from steel and bamboo. 

The Koshi chime is deep in sound, rich in overtones and has a long resonance, perfect for adding into your meditation, teaching or self practice. 


 Koshi Chimes 

9. Immerse Your Senses Gift Box, £45 

This Aromatherapy gift box enlivens the senses, clears energy and creates space for your practice, alongside a guided meditation introduction course to get started. A carefully crafted collection of items for a tranquil lifestyle designed with our renowned essential oil rollers included. Selenite crystal wand for energy clearing, US Organic Sage and Incense bundles with Palo Santo, a beautiful kit of meditation and calming tools. 


 Immerse Your Senses 





10.  Amethyst Mala Set, £220 

Our most stunning mala set, the Grade A+ crystals are simply beautiful. 

Vibrate with energy and guide your mantras, breaths or affirmations to raise your vibration and connect to self-love & creativity. Mala beads have been used for thousands of years as a tool to bring you quickly into the present moment.

All our mala also comes with an online beginners meditation course to kick start your journey to peace.

 Crystal Mala Jewellery 



Extra Entry... A Covent Garden Favourite... 

Hack your Nervous System Card Deck, £25 

Hack Your Nervous System is your "cheat code" to reclaiming a sense of calm, safety, and regulation in your life. This yoga card deck was designed by a licensed mental health counsellor and is infused with Evidence-Based Mind-Body practices that have been sourced and adapted from the ancient lineages of Yoga, Qi Gong, Buddhism, and Eastern Medicine, as well as the present day science of Somatic Therapy.

The purpose of this yoga card deck is to help you increase your awareness of your mind-body experience, to reprogram your Nervous System to seek for safety over danger, and to offer you a sense of empowerment and control over your stress and anxiety - It's such a great gift! 


 Hack Your Nervous System 



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