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Recently, I shared my morning routine with Sheerluxe magazine, one of our favourite publications and it was so interesting to see the other wonderful women in wellness and how they set themselves up for the day! I’m going to take some of their tips - must remember to take my vitamins first thing - I always forget and to do it before coffee like Louise Drake!


My morning routine varies, but I aim for the best each day, even though I sleep on my front, which is not great, I’m trying to sleep differenty, which is very difficult, any tips?! Below is my full morning routine, would love to hear from you - do you do any of these? Take some special elixir or meditate? Perhaps your a busy mum and taking 5 minutes for self care is pushing your luck!?


I do wish I was a morning lark, the type that springs out of bed at 6am with smug glee. Alas I’m more of a night owl… but in early morning training! I wake up naturally about 7am, depending how late I have worked the night before. Taking a quiet moment of meditation with my mala beads to breathe, drink some water and set a quick intention for the day ahead. I use mantra meditation or silently chant, holding my mala, breathing in ‘I am Light’ and breathing out ‘I am Ready’ or words that best serve or come to me, as I move through each bead, 108 repetitions. I open my eyes with a clear head, let’s get started...

mala beads

Rolling out of bed, I splash my face and put on sun screen factor 50, everyday. Then it’s either straight out the door for a 5k, a sweaty HIIT session or onto my mat for yoga practice. I’m not naturally willow-y, my body is strong, so I’ve learnt I need to do cardio everyday and doing it in the morning gets it out of the way! A run through the beautiful fields behind my house, or lately on the roads, lockdown has made the roads so much quieter and for some reason I’m an animal magnet and seem to collect dogs en route as they follow me. Possibly they think I look like a tasty meal, I prefer to think, like Dr Doolittle, it’s some cosmic connection! The roads are a safer bet!


I do practice yoga every day, it’s my vice! To get on the mat is just the loveliest way to start. Whether it’s an hour Vinyasa sweaty flow or a 20-minute quick stretch, it happens every day. My gorgeous house-rabbit, Alfie, likes to come up and give me a little nudge with his nose during Savasana, so I give him some attention and fly upstairs to shower and get to my desk or to the art studio. No airs and graces here, hair back, moisturiser, a little makeup on so I don’t terrify the delivery drivers. A coffee and a green smoothie are usually for starters, with a bucket of green or yogi tea throughout the day! I like to make a big batch of herbal tea and fill the whole house with the beautiful scents of ginger, cinnamon and spices. It’s pretty simple, just sets me up right.


I wish I could just bounce out of bed at 6am, write some morning pages and done half my checklist by 8, but especially in the winter, it is so tough to achieve! So what’s your tips and tricks to start your morning the right way?


You can read the other women in wellness morning routines in SheerLuxe here.

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