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Meditation is a self-enlightenment practice that helps you redirect your thoughts, focus your mind, and be more aware of the world around you. Further, meditation enables you to get in touch with yourself, your body, and your feelings. Perhaps most importantly, in this day and age, purging the trash thoughts in your head can help alleviate stress and anxiety.

From learning the benefits to elevating your practice with mala beads, a yoga mat and a simple practice, can kickstart a meditation habit.



You can meditate from anywhere and in any environment. However, if you are first starting out, it makes sense to ready your space and create a calming place in your home. Start by clearing out an area where you can truly relax—a back bedroom, walk-in closet, or even your patio/deck are attractive options, though a hallway or even space between furniture in a tiny apartment will also work just fine.


To create a more positive atmosphere that also works to reduce stress, get rid of clutter. Next, plan to paint your meditation space in soothing colors, such as a soft blue or green, colour can be an important aspect to your mood. Take things a step further by banishing bad mojo through smudging, a Native American technique that involves burning sage.


It’s time to think about the things you need for meditation. One particularly handy tool to have is a set of mala beads. Mala beads are used by yoga and meditation practitioners to find their ground and center. Sitting comfortably and holding your beads in your right hand, you can chant, either audibly or silently, keeping your attention on your beads and your breath.


A comfortable pair of pants or shorts, a yoga mat or floor pillow, and a scented candle can also help you get the most out of your meditation session to ease anxiety in a calming setting.



Because meditation helps you take control of your thoughts, it can also help you reorganize the way you process the stress and strains of every day. Yoga and meditation are often suggested to people suffering from general anxiety disorder (GAD). It allows you to be mindful and can help you overcome the things that hold you back.

More than just emotional benefits, meditation has some tangible, physical perks as well. For one, some studies suggest that regular meditation may increase your lifespan. Other researchers have found meditation beneficial in reducing age-related memory loss. It is further a powerful weapon against addiction and an excellent tool at bedtime to help you get your best sleep. Healthline also asserts that meditation can reduce the sensation of pain and decrease your blood pressure.



When you are ready, go to your quiet place. Sit in a twisted seat, eagle arm, or half pigeon pose to help your body relax and strengthen the connection with your mind. You can also sit with your legs folded in, your hands in your lap, and your back straight to help align your mind and body. Do not be alarmed if you can’t achieve a meditative state. Remember, it takes practice. Sometimes, you may benefit from guided meditation, which you can listen to online.


Anxiety and stress are no joke, but you have a powerful tool right inside your head that can help you overcome all the world’s negativity. Through meditation, you will become a more powerful version of yourself, and your self-awareness will lead you as far away from stress as you need to be. Make sure to visit Kati Kaia’s Vice Blog regularly for more resources to help you along the path to wellness and enlightenment.

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Written by April Meyers, from Mind Body Health Solution.

April wants to inspire people to think about their own mind-body health solution, she is a certifed yoga teacher and wants to help others to find connection and ease anxiety through their own journey.


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