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Happiness can be found in the awe of the everyday, the little moments that bring joy and the strength or mental clarity to carry through. From rolling out your special yoga mat, to meditation and daily rituals of self-care, taking some time out of the busy day to inspire calm, thoughtful moments and share gifts to treasure long beyond the festive season, that show just how much you care.

Mind Meditation Cleanse Box - Kati Kaia

Eco - Sustainable - Vegan

All our collections are sourced sustainably directly from the producer, suitable for the Yoga and Vegan lifestyle - Clean and Organic, so let's dive in!

Selene Purity Mala Necklace - Kati Kaia - UK

Unblock the Chakras

By answering a few questions you can work out which Chakra needs unblocking and working on, which colours and crystals are best and guide your choices

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Let Nothing Dim The Light That Shines Within

Dr, Maya Angelou

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Artistry Yoga Mats

Esteras de yoga artísticas

Todas nuestras esterillas de yoga artísticas son del mismo tamaño generoso, más grandes que las esterillas estándar, están hechas de caucho natural de árbol de...
Kati Kaia Store, Covent Garden

Jardín de Covent Editar

Como ganador de Start Up with Seven Dials, nuestra tienda pop-up en Covent Garden fue nuestra primera tienda pop-up y ¡qué alegría! Disfrutamos conocer a...
meditation Kit

Kits y regalos de meditación

Inspira el cuidado personal y los rituales para mimar y calmar la mente, el cuerpo y el alma. Hemos seleccionado una selección de productos únicos...
Crystal Mala Meditation Jewellery - Kati Kaia - UK

Joyería de meditación Crystal Mala

Descubre nuestra colección Crystal Jewellery & Mala. Seleccionamos solo las piedras semipreciosas y cristales más puros y de mayor vibración, hechos a mano por nuestra...

Our Passion,

We want to lift and inspire our communities to the power of peaceful moments, to be a guiding light to ALL on the journey to a more balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle. Reflecting the powerful source of nature in our products, to unlock the creativity within us all, through everyday rituals, yoga, unity and peace.

We believe Pure Joy can be found in the small moments, that help people slow down, to move your body, balance your mind and feed your soul. To live mindfully and inspire the practice of calm.

No matter how big or how small, our products are the perfect way to send love. Discover how you can make someone happy on your special occasions, or simply to say Thank You!

We are always happy to help, if you need guidance simply click on the chat and someone will help you or you can contact us below.

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