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The Gallery Mat

Dimensions: 183 cms (72”) Length x 66 cms (26”) Width

Thickness: 4.5 mm

Weight: 3.2 kg

The Touring Mat

Dimensions: 183 cms (72”) Length x 66 cms (26”) Width

Thickness: 1.7 mm

Weight: 1.95 kg

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Prometheus gifted fire from the gods to the mortals.

This emotive and energetic piece, is full of intuitive mark-making and expressive power of colour. Capturing energies and creative expression into your practice with strength, presence and love.

This mat draws inspiration to the root chakra, to connect all of your energy lines with the Earth, which is called grounding. Combined with sparks of the third eye chakra Ajna, it opens up your mind to the seat of your soul.

All our Yoga Mats are constructed with non-slip, 100% natural rubber with premium vegan suede top providing anti-slipping grip and protection for all yoga practices, together with soft cushioning. Can be Sprayed for extra grip.


Features +

•100% natural ‘non- amazon’ rubber base.
• High-density luxury cushioning, joint protection.
• Water-based inks, guaranteed to not wear out from yoga practice.
• Ultra-absorbent ‘vegan’ suede top; the sweatier, the better grip.
• Eco-friendly packaging and yoga mat strap included.
• Free – from PVC, Silicone, Chlorine & Phthalates,
• 100 % Bio - degradable.


Use & Care +

• Ideal for all level and type of practices, especially hot yoga.
• To Clean: hand-wash or machine wash at a delicate/light cycle.
• Use natural soap if needed. Hang to air-dry.
• Can be lightly sprayed with water for extra grip.


Sustainability +

Made to last a lifetime: the base layer is sourced from 100% natural rubber, the top is made of synthetic ‘vegan’ suede of non-toxic materials. Water-based inks are biodegradable and sustainable.

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