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We’re coming up to a beautiful new November moon in the sign of Scorpio, which brings a really big shift in energy, worldwide, so now’s the time to start planning your intention setting rituals to take us through to the next full moon in Scorpio.

The days before the new moon are such a powerful time, and a beautiful moment to set intentions and spark new beginnings by communicating with ourselves and sending our wishes into the universe to watch them manifest.

Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. The moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves. 


First, set aside some space and time in one of the days leading up to this new November moon. Mark it in your calendar and clear your schedule, so you can be sure to keep and honour this time.

This New Moon will enter on Friday, November 13, 2020 and leave on Sunday, November 15, 2020, when it will enter the sign of Sagittarius.



Now’s the moment to create a space of beauty. Maybe you want to create a mandala of fresh flowers on your floor, or create a circle of stones or flowers, or just tidy your space so it feels beautiful, clean and clear of energy. Just a little decluttering can help you feel calmer, fresh sheets on your bed, laundry done, clean your yoga props and mat. These few things makes you feel more centered, and more connected.

You might want to use a diffuser with some essential oils or smudge your space with white sage or palo santo to purify your surroundings and bring you to a sense of calm, clarity and receptiveness. Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable that you enjoy to just feel and be. Our Mala sets are a lovely companion for your intention setting and it’s a great time to cleanse your meditation aids.



Now spend a few moments in a comfortable seat, like in meditation, breathing deeply with your eyes closed and feel centered. The more deeply you ground yourself and the more completely you come into the space, the more transformative your ritual will be.

Let go of any worries or distractions and trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now. If you feel your mind wandering all the time or chatting away, focus your eyes to the tip of your nose or mala use your mala beads to count your breaths. Feel yourself present in body and completely calm in mind as you spend five or so minutes in meditation or seven cycles of your 108 beads. You might want to silently repeat a mantra like, “I am peace and love” or “let me be fully present and open to all the miracles to come.”


Surrender to what is. Say ‘Yes’ to life and see how life suddenly starts working for you, rather than against you.


Earlier that day - you would have thought deeply of your intention for the coming month or new moon period, writing ideas down can be helpful as well, to look back on. This is the really powerful part.

Now, this is when you must dive deep into your own being and connect with your intuition and remember to surrender. A mantra can be really useful at this stage too – you might want to try silently repeating, “let me be guided to my truest and deepest desires.” Be patient, open, and curious, until your heart speaks to you. Feel your way into your intention.

Perhaps you’ve been struggling in a relationship, in which case you might picture yourself laughing and connected in love with this person. Maybe you’ve been troubled with health issues, in which case, conjure an image of yourself shining and full of vitality and wellness. Whatever it is, allow your vision of your wish made true to grow in colour, vibrancy and power. You may want to add creative visualisation - start by surrounding yourself with a light of gold - vibrating through your body with each inhale and exhale, perhaps this light changes colour as you move through, changes to heart chakra green to connect to your emotions, or throat chakra blue - to help you speak with truth.


Now it’s time to put your wishes into words. Allowing your wishes to become concrete and resonant and, ultimately, start to take shape. Take your favourite pen and some paper and write your wishes down, in clear and reflect on the words you feel.



Now read over your written words, feel them, meditate on them. Hold the paper in your hands and, with your eyes closed, continue to meditate on the vision of these wishes manifesting, feel them true to being. Finally, when you feel they’ve become embodied within you, it’s time to release them.

You might like to fold up this piece of paper and put it in a little box for safe keeping - so that you can go back to read your wishes in a month’s time. You might be surprised how much miraculous transformation has already happened. Or, you might choose to carefully burn each one, realeasing into the atmosphere and knowing that as you do, you’re releasing the vibration of the universe. Do whichever feels most right and feel connected as you do.


Finally, it’s time to close your ritual with serenity and gratitude. You might want to bring your hands together in prayer at your third eye and bow, holding the pose for a few closing moments. Perhaps it might feel more meaningful to simply sit with your palm on your heart for a minute or two, feeling pure gratitude. Either way, make sure to mark the end of your ritual with peace and thankfulness. Then look forward to seeing your intentions and manifests coming into your life in the most suprising ways!

Share your stories with us, did you enjoy your ritual, did you enjoy taking some time to think about your intentions for the next few months? @katikaia



During this time period, we go even deeper to get to the root of what we are really feeling about life/relationships this moon and what is blocking us from moving forward overcoming these challenging things. Early on, we have some good thoughts and conversations that help us to understand more about ourselves and our relationships and what we want or need in order to feel better.

This is a very good thing! However, we could feel frustrated shortly after. That is because we may realize that we need to take more time to think things over before we act on the good thoughts and conversations that we are just now starting to have. These insights help us to more fully figure out how to release the past and feel at peace within ourselves and our relationships.

We are going to need to learn how to communicate about these very good insights we are receiving. I think we are somewhat able to do that.

That then helps us to step more into our power — alone and with relationships — and to see more of our identity shift. Stepping more into our power then helps us feel a bit more optimistic and secure. It also gives us a much better foundation from which to move forward re-working our relationships even more and making even more progress to heal some things in our personal lives.

Then then allows us (when the moon moves into Sagittarius) to feel a good deal more excited about life and move forward in a much different and more empowered way, working some old things out for the better.

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