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We are finding our way, leading and not following the old paradigm. Kati Kaia has set a direction towards a sustainable future for people and the planet, and we invite you to follow our story as we carve out a responsible production and future agenda.


Our starting point to product sustainability is found in durability and quality, by developing products that are great to use, durable and, in the long run, have less impact on the planet. Moving forward, we believe in circularity combined with product safety and durability, looking to new innovations in fabric design & development.

We are looking to work with the most sustainable manufacturers and that starts with the materials we use and the circularity of each element.

Both our studio and manufacturers are making conscious choices daily to reduce waste, plastic, pollution and better material choices. We reuse and recycle everything we use in-house.

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With a holistic approach to sustainability, we aim to make responsible choices in every part of our business, including how we move our products around, as well as sourcing and designing with sustainability at the heart of each product, smaller production runs and packaging advice to wholesalers as we offset our carbon footprint.

We are committed to innovation and continuously striving to evolve to being more environmentally friendly – from product to packaging to freight.

Our offset begins with our donations to the Rainforest Trust UK, who runs projects and conservation work worldwide in the communities on the front line of saving bio-diversity.

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Longevity has shown to be one of the most influential parameters for improving environmental impacts. In other words: the longer your mat lasts, the smaller its annual environmental impact will be. In this case product care and maintenance is an essential aspect of sustainability. See our simple care guide to keep your mat looking and performing it's best. We are making products with quality, support and hard-wearing.

We are also passionate about recycling and a circularity with innovative ideas to a more sustainable future.

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'The Future Depends on what we do in the Present'