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Be The Light

Our Vision is to be a guiding light for all on the journey to a balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle. Reflecting the source of energy and nature, to unlock the metamorphosis of creativity within us all and inspire our communities through the thread of yoga, unity and peace.

Our story begins with mats designed to inspire and move your senses to reflect the creative joy from painting and the pure expression of the soul, from mine to yours!

KATI KAIA brings original abstract expressionist artworks with crafted and considered design to yoga products and accessories with it’s roots firmly in sustainability and eco-consciousness. All our artworks are hand-painted in our studio, just outside of London in the green belt of the Surrey Hills.

A little hello...

We don't believe in chasing trends, we believe in embracing individuality, encouraging creativity by creating crafted boutique accessories that compliment your active lifestyle.

Our Founder, Kati, travelled the world, sourcing the most sustainable materials, techniques and inspirations. Working in the design industry for over 15 years before leaving to set up a brand inspired by the passionate love she has for nature and our planet. By using design and business as a force for good to make a real change and offering product with a difference.

Into the deep (Thalassa) - Original artwork - Oil on Canvas with 925 Silver Leaf

Painted with love,

'My work is hand-painting stories into large scale colour fields, to really envelope the beholder in colour. By using movement as a key energy to channel into artwork with almost tribal mark-making and textures. I dance accross the canvas, building up texture stories and colour combinations.

Creating an artist experience ‘off the wall’ - right at the most immersive point in your yoga practice, when you come face-to-face with colour, it's the purist form of expression and has the ability to heighten the senses, to delve deeper into your connection beyond the self.'

Carry a piece of art to your class and enhance all your senses...

Harrods Magazine

These immersive mats will help you delve deeper into the spiritual element of your practice, to find a sense of zen.

Hip & Healthy Magazine

Kati Kaia Yoga Mats are mini works of art!

Harpers Bazaar

As seen in Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, Glamour, SheerLuxe, Hip & Healthy, The Observer

A little note from our founder...

“Creativity, Movement and Artistry have been key throughout my life. My creative journey began at an early age, dancing from age 4, Yoga was a natural progression, with a home practice that has guided me through so many difficult times, it became my sanctuary and savior.

I always wanted to make a positive impact in the design industry. Starting my career in global fashion brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Vivienne Westwood and Maria Grachvogel. Specialising in draping around the female form and working with brands that have female empowerment at their core, I found my real passion in design creation. This career took me around the world, absorbing cultures, capturing colours and energies. I painted these musings, marks and expressions throughout my journey, creating large scale canvasses with a ‘spiritual’ energy to them, which I began to show.

Kati Kaia for me, brings together all my vices for art, movement and creativity with beautiful design and eco sustainability. I want to challenge, bring innovative and exciting design to yoga product alongside my love of details and those old crafted methods, that take time to create, develop and inspire… it all starts with the base.”

Inspire Creativity... on and off the mat!

Beyond the debut mat collection, we are striving to cultivate a community of yoga and wellness teachers, soul seekers and peaceful seekers who share our love of yoga and meditation and the deep healing that journey can bring. Our artist studio is where our story really starts and where our creative expression shines!

"Let nothing dim the light that shines within"

Dr. Maya Angelou