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In order to keep your signature Kati Kaia Mat gripping and looking it's best, follow our easy care guide...

Breaking in your new mat...

Your new mat may need a little breaking in at first to activate the top surface and grip. Unlike other pro mats which need to be ‘salted’ or
chalked, ours is simply a case of rubbing the surface over fairly hard - give it a good scrub!

When your mat is new, the fine fibres in the vegan suede are aligned and smooth, but we want them to face in different directions. This will happen over time with good use, so the more you use your mat - the quicker it will wearing in, but you can speed this up with a good few scrubs.

This provides the excellent grip and support you need, whilst remaining soft with a beautiful sensory texture, so you can flow easily through asanas. Simply scrub over the top with water and a brush or cloth.

How to Clean your Yoga Mat

Our three step cleaning and care guide will keep your mat hygienic, fresh and looking great! Keep your mat performing it's best and it will stay in top conditions for years to come.

Step One.

A Quick Clean...

For in-between a sweaty session (or a few), we recommend a quick wipe down with warm water and a little lemon juice, to cut through any oils or sweat on the surface. No need for detergent you can also use a Yoga Mat Cleaning Wash, which is specifically designed to refresh your mat.

Depending on your practice you can do this once a week for hot yogis or just a few times a month as needed. This will keep it clean and looking it's best. 

Step Two.

A Deep Clean...

Gone on an adventure and got sand, mud and twigs on your mat?! Bravo!

We love taking our practice outside to the best hiking spots and views and wanted to make cleaning your mat afterwards easy breezy...

For a good deep clean, your mat can be popped into the washing machine (hallelujah!) or in the shower with some citrus juice for freshness. There is no need for detergent which can release fibres.

We recommend the coolest cycle or 30c on a quick wash cycle for a freshen up.

Step Three.

Air Dry...

Simply hang out to air dry (do not tumble dry). Leaving it clean and pristine for your next practice as you roll out again.


To clean your Kati Kaia Eco PU Pad...

Kati Kaia Yoga Pads are made from the same natural tree rubber as our signature mats but with a PU soft textured top. This makes it instantly hold grip both on top of the mat and seperately when out and about for asana practice and handstand drills. This top surface need a little more of a gentle touch and care to keep clean. Unlike our vegan suede, which needs to break in and can take a lot of vigour and scrub, the pu surface is instantly grippy, but needs a soft touch, we recommend to keep trainers away from the top....

Wipe Clean & Air Dry

You can simply wipe down both sides for a refresh and when it's really in need of a deep clean, pop into the bath or sink with mild soap and hand wash only.

Do not use harsh chemicals or rubbing alcohol on your pad and take care not to over scrub as this could damage it.

Hang out to air dry and it will be fresh as a daisy.

For more tips & tricks see our blog!

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