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LUNA Mala Necklace

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Luna Mala Necklace - Howlite - Dalmatian Jasper - Sandalwood - Gold Vermiel

Vibrate with energy and guide your mantras, breaths or affirmations to raise your vibration and connect to self-love & creativity. Mala necklace have been used for thousands of years as a tool to bring you quickly into the present moment.

"The future depends on what we do in the present" - Gandhi

Your mala bead necklace also comes with an online beginners meditation course to start your journey to peace.

Stones + Crystals

Howlite - Black Lava - Dalmatian Jasper - Sandalwood - Rudraksha

We select the purest, high vibration semi-precious stones and crystals for our artisan mala collection, creating these special pieces to guide your practice with crystal healing.

Necklace: 108 beads with guru & counter beads of 8 mm & 10 mm with Large Rudraksha.

Length: 43 cm drop, approximate as each piece of jewellery is unique.

Bracelet: 6 mm beads with 8 mm guru. Length: 7.5 cms, threaded on elastic for ease.

Metals: Gold Vermeil plated 925 Spacers & Moon Charm.

*Charms and beads are natural and hand-made or cut, so the sizes of the charms and tones of the stones may vary for piece to piece.


Howlite, a beautiful light marbled stone is associated with inner calm, stress release, and calming an over-active mind. Howlite benefits the third eye and crown chakra to assist your meditation, often worn as a reminder of patience and peace.

Dalmation Jasper allows you to move forward in life and discover your true purpose to step beyond the barriers you have created. It’s energy brings childlike joy and a sense of playfulness into your life, to brighten your day, reflecting good action to enhance your creativity.

Sandalwood’s scent is both excellent for staying present and alert during meditation, which makes it wonderful for ritual and spiritual practice.

The Rudraksha from the Himalayas are said to hold the most energy as they gather nutrients from the Himalayas. They greatly boost spiritual energy, aiding in meditation and the elimination of negativity.

Mantra: 'I am renewed, powerful, strong, peaceful, harmonious and happy'


A meditation tool to settle the mind, clear your thoughts and bring you quickly into the present moment. Malas are great for daily practice, to inspire your energy and raise your vibration.

Originating in India 3000 years ago, gemstone malas have roots in Hinduism and Buddhism and have been used by yogis and other seekers to help focus the mind during meditation by moving their fingers over the beads to calm the mind, breathe and recite affirmations.

Each mala bead represents a truth; the small knot between each bead a challenge between the smoother, more beautiful aspects of life. The number of beads in a mala—108—is considered sacred in Vedic culture, representing the wholeness of existence. A variation of the mala, such as a bracelet mala, will have a number of beads in any variation of the number 9— another sacred number in Yoga that corresponds to 108. 

You can read more how to use your mala here.

How are these made?

Our malas are handmade by our talented female artisan community in the Himalayas, paying them a fair wage, enabling them to work from their home and raise their families.

They are blessed in a ceremony by the Sadhu in the temple of Rishikesh, India - the Holy City. You can read more about our artisan community here.


As with all fine jewellery, our pieces are their most beautiful when handled and worn with love and care. When not wearing your gorgeous Mala, we recommend keeping it in our natural soft pouch which comes with your order. Wash the stones gently as you set intentions, you could cleanse them before a full moon ritual.

Sandalwood is best oiled periodically with a little essential oil to keep it looking beautiful.

Not sure which Mala is right for you? Take our Chakra Quiz to see where you might be blocked.

"The future depends on what we do in the present" - Gandhi

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Meet our Artisans, aka our Didis

Every item you buy from us helps to empower our family of female artisans in Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas, in India.

They receive a safe workspace, fair pay, and the support they need for themselves, their families, and their communities to thrive sustainably with mentoring, training and positively impact their world.

With every bead intricately hand-crafted using a hand-knotting technique passed down through generations. Each stone is selected for it’s beautiful properties and quality as each is knotted on with any metal handcrafted or set and threaded.

They are then taken to the Sadhus at the holy temple and blessed in a cleansing ceremony.

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