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Find the Peace within us all...

Congratulations! Today you are taking one step closer towards a calmer mind, being able to deal with stress much better and live mindfully with the practice of meditation and conscious awareness.

Meditation and mindfulness, are proven to have so many health benefits, reduce stress and anxiety, increase energy levels, eliminate toxins, improve sleep, improve creativity, improve concentration, let go of past traumas, increase athletic performance and cardiovascular health, plus many more… in essence it helps to deepen your connection to breath and overall well-being.

In this course, we will go through the tools and learn techniques you can use in your own daily life. We have a series of workshops and challenges, to help you become more aware of your emotions and stress triggers from this beginners introduction to full 8-week challenges to really focus and set into place your practice. So, let’s dive in!

Total beginner? That’s a great place to start, meditation is for everyone and can be used as a great tool for dealing with work pressure and burnout. The benefits of regular meditation practice are well researched and the scientific benefits to your health are outstanding. This course is designed to get you started, trying out meditations and being guided into a practice.

Each lesson will include an intro to week ahead, the lesson, a downloadable task sheet and meditation for the week to practice, you can fit the rest in around YOU and your commitments. Approach your three lessons weekly or daily how you wish. There is a extra reading section in each week for those that would like to delve deeper and the ‘science behind’ tab.

You can also download the recorded meditation exercises to your phone or your computer, simply right click on the play button of the player. These are life tools for you to build a foundation of knowledge in mindfulness and meditation that you can go back to every time you need. You just need to carve out a little time (5, 10 or 20 minutes) to dedicate each day, this is a good starting point.

When you are ready click through to your first lesson below:

Remember, you can come back to any of these meditations as you like, to use whenever you need. Some of the ideas may seem very different for you, the point is to have a go and see what happens… At the beginning of each lesson it is good to have your notebook nearby with a pen in case you need to write things down, you never know what thoughts might come to you during your sessions! I will also prompt you when to do this through your guided meditation time when needed. All you have to do is keep an open mind.

I can’t wait to share with you all the tools that have truly changed my life and led to a calm presence, making it easier to handle my emotions and stresses that life can throw at you. I do still feel emotions including stress but I am able to deal with these, not bury them, pulling from the techniques I know.

It’s just about learning the basic skills and finding out what you find works for you.

“A few simple tips for life: feet on the ground, head to the skies, heart open…quiet mind.”



Hi! I am your teacher, Kati, I am a meditation & mindfulness teacher alongside painting and creating Kati Kaia with the vision to be a guiding light for all on the journey to balance, creativity and a mindful lifestyle.

I started my path to meditation through my own struggles with stress and over-load in the workplace. So I know EXACTLY how you can feel!

Working for over 10 years in the demanding and fast-paced world of fashion design. I found myself burnt out, signed off work with crippling back pain from stress and prescribed extremely strong pain killers, alongside using alcohol to switch off the stream of noise in my mind, that’s when I found meditation and yoga, which transformed my life.

A friend of mine took me to her temple, where I learnt the power of just sitting in stillness, being gently guided to calm and that feeling emotions was OK… us Brits love to hold in those feelings! I have been on quite a journey since that day and wanted to create this course to share the tools I have learnt both here and in Asia. They have changed my life, have bought more peace and joy into my routines and I think they can do the same for you.