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Ensemble de puissance de cristal pur citrine

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Notre magnifique ensemble de citrines en cristal de puissance pure , parfait pour superposer avec vos pièces spéciales. La citrine est associée à la positivité et à l'optimisme , ce qui n'est pas surprenant compte tenu de sa couleur joyeuse. Il est souvent utilisé pour aider à manifester l’abondance et les opportunités financières. Il peut également être utilisé pour éveiller le chakra du plexus solaire, aidant ainsi à cultiver la confiance et le pouvoir personnel.

Cristaux purs de pierres précieuses naturelles rondes taillées à la main, provenant et facettés par nos maîtres artisans. Chaque collier contient des pierres pures de citrine, de pierre de lune, de quartz clair et de préhnite .

Un superbe cadeau ou une pièce spéciale à chérir. Fabriqué à la main avec le charme de lune Gold Vermeil. Ajustable 43-46cm / 17-18".

Stones + Crystals

Citrine - Moonstone - Prehnite

Finished with Gold Vermiel Beads & Closure with Moon Charm.

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Necklace: 5 mm hand-cut roundel beads of citrine and moonstone, with highlight bead of prehnite.

Length: Adjustable 43 - 46 cm, as pictured, approximate as each piece of jewellery is unique.

Bracelet: 5 mm Hand-cut beads, pure crystals with Moon Charm.

Threaded on elastic for ease.

Metals: Gold Vermiel, 925

You can read more about the stones and their meanings here.

*Charms and beads are natural and hand-made or cut, so the sizes of the charms and tones of the stones may vary for piece to piece.


High vibration pure crystals are excellent for layering with other pieces, work with them to inspire the flow of your whole chakra energy system and help balance. Citrine is a sunny stone that represents confidence, happiness, and success.

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal with a smooth energy flow. It pairs really well with Citrine, making this combination very useful for those who seeking fresh energy. Its nurturing energy will help you gain a fresh perspective on your situation.

Prehnite is a beautiful green calming stone to balance the energy, known to alleviate high stress levels.

These stones together to help bring warm energy, these crystals encourages us to live life to the fullest. Bringing powerful fresh energy to the wearer.

Our Packaging

All jewellery purchases made at will be in our signature gift box packaging.

Our crystal jewellery collections come with a soft cotton pouch for safe keeping and gift box which can be used for keeping affirmations alongside your meditation jewellery.

For gifts, you may add a personalised message to the recipient before finishing your order. 

How are these made?

We select top grade crystals and semi-precious stone for our jewellery. Our jewellery pieces are handmade by our talented female artisan community in the Himalayas, paying them a fair wage, enabling them to work from their home and raise their families.

They are blessed in a ceremony by the Sadhu in the temple of Rishikesh, India - the Holy City.

You can read more about our artisan community here.


As with all fine jewellery, our pieces are their most beautiful when handled and worn with love and care. When not wearing your gorgeous Mala, we recommend keeping it in our natural soft pouch which comes with your order. Wash the stones gently as you set intentions, you could cleanse them before a full moon ritual.

Sandalwood is best oiled with a little essential oil to keep it looking beautiful.

Mala Jewellery

Vibrate with energy and guide your mantras to elevate your practice and connect to self-love & creativity. Mala has been used for thousands of years as a tool to bring you quickly into the present moment.

"The future depends on what we do in the present" - Gandhi

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