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Plus how often should you be doing so!

Nothing disrupts the calm, meditative benefits of yoga like the thought of practicing your poses on an icky mat. Your yoga mat has been with you through it all: sweat, tears, meditation, invigorating flows and even more sweaty hot yoga and HIIT training! It needs a little TLC - as in after each sweaty session really… the sweatier and dirtier your mat gets, the more of a clean it will need. Keep those germs at bay and now when you think of those studio classes and sharing mats, it makes even more sense to take your own mat in with you! It’s worth the extra carry to class!



After your loving session and with all those endorphin’s making you feel wonderful, it is the perfect time to end with a quick clean and give it a wipe down. You can usually go a week or so without a proper clean, though if you are doing Hot Yoga or HIIT Training and dripping with sweat every time, it might be an idea to get into the practice of cleaning your beautiful mat regularly.

Thankfully, sweat, odours, dust, and dirt can all be removed with pretty much just a wipe. A spray like our yoga mat and prop cleaner would be great, which is a unique blend of Tea Tree and Lavender, purifying, sterilizing and restoring, plus incorporating aromatherapy into your practice. The fine mist is designed to clean and restore Yoga mats with natural antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-infectious, antioxidant and antiviral properties! But with the added benefit of calming the mind and relaxing the body.

You can of course mix your own at home and simply spray and wipe your mat clean with a cotton cloth and for a refresh for your next session. We have an excellent recipe in our blog and be sure to use good quality essential oils.



To really take care of sweat, dirt, and grime from an intense workout, you'll want to wash or deep clean your mat regularly. How often is up to you, we suggest thinking about your mat the same way you do your sheets! Some mats are hand-washable in cold water and mild soap, you can soak in the tub and rinse with the shower.

Does the idea of not having to wash your yoga mat by hand leave you as blissed out as a few breaths in headstand? Good, us too! Our yoga mats can be cleaned in the washing machine on a 30 degrees or cold, gentle cycle for a real good and easy clean. We recommend adding a little lemon juice (no detergents) to cut through the sweat and your mat will smell just lovely! Depending on how much you sweat for practice, a deep clean would be wonderful every month for hot yogis or 3-4 months for other less sweaty practices. A good wipe down should keep the sweat away and the vegan suede top adds that extra barrier, like a yoga towel.



Do not put in the tumble dryer! Simple is best, leave to air dry either outside on the line or over the tub to catch any drips. Our travel mats dry very quickly, so you can practice your yoga poolside, have a splash, hike to the best spots and get sandy then simply rinse down in the outside showers and they will dry in a hour or so. The gallery mats have a thicker cushioning base for joint support and once machine washed can hang over night to dry through.



  • If you're concerned about keeping your yoga mat free of bacteria, mildew, and mold (you know, all the EKK stuff), you'll definitely want to pay attention to how you dry it. One major don't? Rolling it up immediately after you clean it. Let it air dry and then roll it up.

  • Don’t shower whilst your mat is drying if it’s over the tub… the moisture will slow down the drying time. Better to dry on a clothes horse or the line outside in the fresh air.

  • Keep them out of direct sunlight, don’t put your mat out to dry in the sun and forget about it for a few days! We have tested this and the artwork will fade if left outside for about a year.

  • Avoid using harsh cleaners, detergents and solvents, they are toxic and you don’t want to be using them let alone on something you are so up and personal to like your yoga mat - natural is best.

  • Don't apply skin creams or oils before using your mat because they can transfer and mark the mat top, meaning more need for machine washing.

  • Our mats have a vegan suede top, which protects the rubber somewhat from the sweat and oils and helps keep your mat from getting so dirty/sweaty in the first place. Be good to it, wipe it clean and your mat will stay fresh and looking beautiful for longer.

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