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Wondering which Kati Kaia yoga mat to choose for yourself or to give as a gift?

Our buyer’s guide gives you the lowdown on each of our mats and recommends the perfect one for every yogi on your list. Of course, all of our mats are natural rubber, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, generously proportioned, feature original expressive artworks to reflect not only your creative yoga practice but home space and personality, who said a yoga mat had to be plain and dull! Plus, they all come with a complimentary carry strap, which can also be used to deepen your stretches and after class roll up and easily carry, so you have everything you need to get to class!


The Gallery Collection is our original design mat for home and studio practice, with excellent cushioning for joint support. We researched a lot to find the perfect balance between feeling the floor enough in Asana practice coupled with cushioning and comfort. Our 4.5 mm base hits the sweet spot with excellent grip to all flooring from carpet to tiles. The natural rubber base, is heavy to carry if you have a long commute, but is perfect for slinging in the back of the car to the studio or for serious home practice. Our Vegan suede top, took years to get just right, is sumptuously soft and smooth to touch - which is beautifully comforting in practice, yet with no sticky feeling like many plastic mats, it’s absorbent and grippy even more when sweaty-wet, so instead of needing chalk for extra grip when sweaty, the surface breaks in and also absorbs the sweat, providing excellent grip. No need for those fuzzy yoga towels once you get your mat.

If you have colder hands, you may wish to spray the mat with water first to ‘wake it up’ especially when your mat is brand new, remember to brush up the fibres when you first get your mat. This unique vegan suede makes it an excellent surface for smooth flowing Vinyasa, Ashtanga, perfect for Hot Yoga, HIIT, Pilates and other exercise and is completely machine washable.

The Gallery Yoga Mat is available in our classic range of artworks: Aurelia, Circe, Nephele, Helios, Erytheia, Thalassa, Melete and Prometheus

Dimensions: 183cm (72 inches) long x 66cm (26 inches) wide
Weight: Approx 3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)


Kati Kaia Touring Mats have the same surface, generous size and beautiful original artworks as the Gallery Yoga Mats, but in a significantly lighter weight. Natural rubber still has more weight to it compared to our plastic counterparts, but it’s a small adjustment for knowing you are on a natural, non-toxic mat. This compact version of our mat comes in at around 2 kg (4.4 pounds), making it perfect for travel, commuting, or the yogi always on the go with 1.7 mm cushioning, which makes it lighter to pack, wash, and will grip to all surfaces from carpet to tiles. You can workout in your hotel room or holiday space without carpet burns and in comfort. The mat can be folded when you need extra cushioning - or layered with a Yoga Pad if portability is essential for you - this is the right mat. Folds easily into both hand or hold luggage sizes, can fit into a backpack folded or carry on. 

It’s a fine balance to create a travel mat that has support and substance, enough for hiking, practice outside and adventures, without being too weighty, being able to fold into your hand luggage for weekend getaways, but also have enough cushioning for committed practice. Some travel mats are so thin as to be almost non-existent, we’ve managed to give light cushioning, to make your practice comfortable with the same absorbent top. Because it is thinner, you can layer it over a studio mat when home to get that great Vegan Suede Grip surface when you’re away from home and easy to wash afterwards, making a great hygienic mat for the hot yoga studio.

If you can’t decide whether to choose the travel or full-sized mat, you can get the best of both worlds with our Yoga & Travel Mat Bundle. You’ll get one mat for home and one for excursions at a special price.

Dimensions: 183cm (70 inches) long x 66cm (26 inches) wide
Weight: Approx 2 kg (4.4 lbs)

Immerse your senses in our artist collections and make that home yoga or exercise practice feel extra special, the time you carve out for yourself for self-care and relax fully knowing your mat is supporting you.

For every yoga mat sold we donate to Rainforest Trust UK, buying acres of land for conservation projects around the world. Saving not only Rainforest, but Woodland and other areas from utter devastation and helping bio-diversity survive and thrive for the next generations to come. Rainforest Trust work with local communities on the ground to implement strategies and eco-systems to save our planet.

You can read more about Rainforest Trust and their amazing projects here.

Hope that helps with your decisions and please know that whichever mat you choose, it has been hand-painted with love and light, to inspire your practice and give you a beautifully, grounding mat for your personal practice. Manufactured with care and craft for a wonderful experience from the moment you receive your mat by a company that prioritises an ethical supply chain, workers rights, environmental responsibility, and giving back to the earth with Rainforest Trust and our charity partners.

You can also contact us in the chat (button below left) or email with any questions and check out our FAQs for more! 

Welcome to the Kati Kaia family! We’re so happy you’re here and just want to support you on the journey to a more balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle, through our common thread of yoga, wellness, unity and peace.


Kati x

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