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Moon Calendar 2022

Working with the cycles of the moon can offer some balance and connection of our own bodies and the natural world that surrounds us. The moon energy controls so much balance in nature, from the tides to night sky and behaviour of animals, it is of no suprise that as you connect deeper with who you are and your energy body, many women especially, choose to connect their cycles with the moon cycles and feel their energy, mood, life force - ebb and flow - just as the moon.


I’m always looking up when is the next Full/New Moon to see how it is fitting with my own on-goings, so to make it super easy - this is the moon cycle and calendar ahead - so plan your goddess cycles ad ceremonies, plan your practice and when you might switch things up! Respect the moon as a constant - yet changing entity. We are all made from the stars.



Sunday 2nd ● new moon
Monday 17th ○ full moon

Tuesday 1st ● new moon
Wednesday 16th ○ full moon

Wednesday 2nd ● new moon
Friday 18th ○ full moon

Friday 01st ● new moon
Saturday 16th ○ full moon
Saturday 30th ● new moon

Monday 16th ○ full moon
Monday 30th ● new moon

Tuesday 14th ○ full moon
Wednesday 29th ● new moon

Wednesday 13th ○ full moon (largest Super Moon of the year)
Thursday 28th ● new moon

Friday 12th ○ full moon
Saturday 27th ● new moon

Saturday 10th ○ full moon
Sunday 25th ● new moon

Sunday 9th ○ full moon
Tuesday 25th ● new moon

Tuesday 8th ○ full moon
Wednesday 23rd ● new moon

Thursday 8th ○ full moon
Friday 23rd ● new moon

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