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Ground In The Present

This year ahead, to prioritise holistic wellbeing and the practices that keep you happy, mentally strong, healthy and bring small pockets of joy to the day. Explore our quality gifts that you can use again and again beyond the season. To inspire the next year of creativity, calm and self care on and off the mat and taking those precious moments for yourself, setting goals for fitness or wellbeing, a meditation practice for your mind, or making time to inspire your soul and move your body. 
For Him, For Her, For Teens and Vegan Lifestyle, Best Friends and Under £30 Finds, we have lots of inspiration for you! 


For Him:  



For the yogi man, whether he enjoys a sweaty practice, grounding in the present, meditation to handle work/life balance or taking his workouts to the park with his friends, we have some lovely gifts for the gentlemen in your life. We talked to so many chaps in our pop up store, from yoga teachers to stressed tennis coaches and students, having a grounding yoga and meditation practice can help guide all stages in your life. 

1. Melete Gallery Yoga Mat, £95 

Inspire your soul with the deep blues and greens of this beautiful piece, with printed copper foils & abstract mark-making guiding you within. Inspired by muse of meditation, Melete, journeys through the inner world with a soft colour story to move the soul. Our most popular mat! 

A beautifully grounding eco friendly mat with soft and calming print and most popular kit for creativity and grounding energy. 

 Explore Artistry Gallery Mats 




2. Touring Mat + Pad Bundle, £105

This is a great bit of kit for those on the go - travel - commuting - workouts at the park - this light to carry, foldable into hand luggage or backpack and with the extra cushioning pad, can move around the mat if needing a little extra support on the elbows or knees! Plus our mats are machine washable so get super sweaty in the heat, sandy on that beach retreat and simply rinse and wash clean, ready for the next day! 

 Yoga Mat Bundles 


3. Mala Nyx Bracelet Kit, £55

Our Mala Bracelet and Sage Cleanse Box is an extraordinary bundle. All the materials you need to establish your own practice are included. This presentation box facilitates energy clearance and makes room for practice, featuring a Mala bracelet for meditation or adornment, plus a guided meditation course to start.

A carefully curated selection of essential items to promote a tranquil atmosphere for meditation.




4. Touring Prometheus Yoga Mat, £80 

This pure fire abstract yoga mat will boost energy and ignite your senses!

Invigorate your practice with the balance of soft marks in this energetic stunning piece, building from the ground up. Passionate red mark-makings inject creativity to your workouts and yoga practice! Go tribal on the travel mat as you bring root chakra energy into class and feel deeply connected. Easily folds in hand or hold luggage, unfold upon arrival. 

In color therapy, red is often used to help dispel negative thoughts and release anger. Red is best used in areas where energy should be high. It is stimulating and invigorating

 Travel Yoga Mats 



5. Crystal Jasper Water Bottle, £35

Experience the positive, purifying power of raw crystals with every sip. Each glass bottle contains a genuine crystal stone designed to restore and clarify the mind and body. Enjoy the natural, energising effects and create your own elixir.

Jasper: A calming, protective gemstone for those in pursuit of success, known to help alleviate stress and assist in grounding. 

The glass bottles have caps and bases made of stainless steel. The crystal base can be easily unscrewed before washing and using the crystal in your cleansing rituals, perfect for your desk water or keeping close.


 Crystal Water Bottles 

6. Grip Yoga + Pilates Socks, £14.99

Crafted using organic cotton, these grip socks are designed to elevate your performance and style for Pilates, Yoga and Barre.

Great for durability and comfort, these Crew Non Slip Grip Socks provide enhanced grip and traction.

Certified organic cotton blend - Mid-calf crew style - Improves grip, stability and mobility - Compression arch support - Lightweight breathable cotton-blend stretch knit. 

Size Large = UK 10 - 14 






7. Luna Mala Set, £128


This mala alongside our Nyx Mala Set, was our most popular Mala for young and old! Luna Beaded Mala Set - Howlite - Dalmatian Jasper - Sandalwood - Gold Vermiel 925Vibrate with energy and guide your mantras, breaths or affirmations to raise your vibration. Mala beads have been used for thousands of years as a tool to bring you quickly into the present moment. 

 Meditation Mala 

Mala beads also comes with an online beginners meditation course to start your journey to peace.


8. Gallery Yoga Mat Starter Kit, £125 

Setting the scene for home or studio practice, comprising of Artistry Gallery Yoga Mat of your choice, made of natural rubber, paired with Cotton Yoga Strap with BKS Iyengar buckle closure and Eco Cork Yoga Block to complete the set - easy to wipe clean, hygienic and supportive. Gallery Mat 4.5 mm, our thickest and most luxurious mat for home or studio use. Cork Block and Cotton Strap for alignment or prop, everything you need to set the scene at home for Pilates, Yoga or Weight Training, PT and Working out.


 Artistry Yoga Mat Bundles 

Original Koshi Chimes - Kati Kaia

9. Koshi Chimes, £39.99

The Koshi chime is an authentic musical masterpiece, an original work of art crafted with care. Hand-crafted at the foot of the Pyrenean mountains, each chime is produced with meticulous precision. Made from steel and bamboo. 

The Koshi chime is deep in sound, rich in overtones and has a long resonance.

Koshi chimes are available in 4 different melodies, inspired by the four elements:  Terra (G C E F G C E G)Aqua (A D F G A D F A / Pentatonic)Aria (A C E A B C E B) and Ignis (G B D G B D G / Pentatonic).  Each has its own magical timbre and can be played harmoniously with all the others.

 Meditation + Yoga Accessories 





10.  Yoga Mat Wash, £20 

Our Yoga Mat Cleaning Formula is perfect for in-between those sweaty sessions! A mildly uplifting fragrance blend with pure lavender and orange. 
Just spray, wait 60 seconds seconds and wipe, it couldn't be easier... This sanitiser yoga mat spray neutralises bacteria. A lightly scented spray of natural ingredients, Paraben and Phthalate free, our formula is hygienic, easy to use and made from naturally derived ingredients in the UK.


 Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray 




    Extra Entry... For extra support when you need ... 



    Cork Block + Alignment Strap with BKS Buckle, £30 

    Get the best support and alignment with our Essential accessory kit including cork yoga blocks, yoga mat straps and other yoga accessories. With excellent grip and easy to use, our accessories are designed to assist you in deepening your stretch and asana practice.

    • Natural Cork Block - easy to wipe clean - excellent support and grip 
    • Natural Cotton Strap with BKS Buckle - hand wash when needed
     Strap + Block Alignment Set 




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