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Let's help inspire our next generation with tools they can use throughout the year to bring them moments of calm, presence and more creativity on and off the mat... with or without screens!
We had so many young visitors in our pop up who love all things meditation, calm and crystals! Eager to learn the basics and all the tools that will guide them and give them grounding in the modern world, simply wonderful! 
For Him, For Her, For Teens and Vegan Lifestyle, Best Friends and Under £35 Finds, we have lots of inspiration for you! 


For Teens:  



For teens life is full on - we all remember those days transitioning into adulthood and dealing with relationships, body changes, friends, school, parents, it's a lot and in the modern world with social media, it really is intense time to be bombarded with images. These years are the foundation of adulthood - so lets inspire them with calm and grounding practices that can be a moments peace when they need it most, to bring them into the present moment where nothing matters too much and to help the emotional body. 



1. Meditation Kit, £32 

Our rituals collection gift boxes have all you need to set the scene and kickstart your meditation practice. This relaxation gift box enlivens the senses, clears energy and creates space for your practice, alongside a guided meditation introduction course to get started.

A thoughtful meditation gift set of specially selected pieces for a calmer lifestyle. Most popular with Tweens, Teens and Adults for starting their journey with items that can encourage curiosity! 


 Meditation Kits + Gifts 


2. Travel Yoga Mat Starter Kit, £105

If you're looking for a versatile yoga set, that will take you from home practice to retreat packing, beach side yoga and a workout on the move, Kati Kaia’s traveller starter kit is easy care, beautiful and sustainable, just like your lifestyle.

Travel Mats are foldable, washable, lighter base, great for taking on adventure - Comprising of Artistry Travel Yoga Mat of your choice, made of natural rubber, paired with Cotton Yoga Strap with BKS Iyengar buckle closure and Eco Cork Yoga Block to complete the set - easy to wipe clean, hygienic and supportive. Great for getting started at home or away!


 Travel Yoga Mat Kit 



3. The Wellness Almanac, £20

Your yearlong guide to creating positive spiritual habits. Inspire your journey through the seasons and embrace mindfulness, self-love and holistic health in this stunning month-by-month wellness almanac that will lift your heart, mind, body and soul.

Beautifully designed, lovingly crafted, and filled with mindful affirmations, activities and insights, this gorgeous book will help you embrace the seasons, be empowered by rituals, and create positive spiritual habits all year long.

 The Wellness Almanac 



4. Mala Bracelet Gift Set, £58

Our Mala Bracelet and Sage Cleanse Box is an lovely gift bundle. All the materials you need to establish your own practice are included. This gift box facilitates energy clearance and makes room for practice, featuring a Mala bracelet for meditation or adding to your stack, smoke cleansing ritual pieces, plus a guided meditation course to get started and connect deeper within.

A carefully curated selection to promote a tranquil atmosphere for meditation, comes with beginners online course to get started. 


 Mala Bracelet Set 




5. Crystal Water Bottle, £35

Experience the positive, purifying power of raw crystals with every sip. Each glass bottle contains a genuine crystal stone designed to restore and clarify the mind and body. Enjoy the natural, energising effects and create your own elixir.

Jasper - Clear Quartz - Rose Quartz - Amethyst 

The glass bottles have caps and bases made of stainless steel. The crystal base can be easily unscrewed before washing and using the crystal in your cleansing rituals, perfect for your desk water or keeping close.



6. Small Singing Bowl, £46

Small set with a wooden stick, cushion and singing bowl. Decorated with an image of the Buddha and packed into a velvet pouch.

These bowls are thought to hold a deeper spiritual significance for those who use them in meditation or religious practices. The image of the Buddha is said to be a reminder of the path to enlightenment and can serve as a focal point for meditation.

Bowl size: 10.7x6 cm, weight: 0.4 kg - Approx. frequency: 221 Hz


 Small Singing Bowl Set 




7. Eros Mala Bracelet, £45

Vibrate with energy and guide your mantras, breaths or affirmations to raise your vibration and connect to self-love & creativity. Mala bracelets have been used for thousands of years as a tool to bring you quickly into the present moment. 

Quartz - Rose Quartz - Amazonite - Rainbow Moonstone - Sterling Silver 925

Mala beads also comes with an online beginners meditation course to start your journey to peace, a perfect way to introduce meditation to your teen. 


 Crystal Mala Jewellery 


8. Rose Quartz Point, £25

Crystals have been used in cultures all over the world for thousands of years. Their uses have included healing, meditation, protection, and creative inspiration.

Rose Quartz is the stone of love and peace that enables inner healing and purification of the emotional body through the activation of the Heart Chakra.

It’s believed by some to emit a strong vibration of Love, 
Joy, Emotional Healing.


 Rose Quartz Crystal



9. Nephele, Thalassa or Eytheia Yoga Mat Pads, £35

Kati Kaia Yoga Pads are mini mats you can easily fit into even a small bag. A handy prop to give the comfort, stability and grip you need for your Yoga practice.

These are a great addition to our Yoga Mats with PU surface, which gives a lovely different texture, grip and support. Layering upon a mat gives additional support under elbows or knees and pads are also super portable for taking outside, handstand practice, meditation pad and more, perfect for teens trying handstand against the wall or adventure to the best meditation spot - with complimentary cotton carry strap. 


 Yoga Mat Pads 




10. Calm Club Yoga Deck, £15

The Calm Club Yoga Deck has 50 illustrated cards of easy-to-follow asana poses, making it a great tool for Yoga beginners! Find your inner peace and reach your goals with this helpful and approachable yoga deck.

Calm Club is committed to supporting mental health charities, donating a percentage of profits to good causes. Kit Includes Deck of 52 Yoga Cards. So they can have fun - learn the asanas and mix up a home practice.


 Calm Club Deck 




Inspire your teen to try yoga, meditation and journalling! 



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