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Navigating your way through health-related matters can be tricky. But with some additional effort, you can become a champion of your own health. Following the advice below, will help you be your own health advocate and learn to listen to your mind, body and soul, when you need to most. 



Live Healthy to Beat Overwhelm

Being healthy and active is key to maintaining your emotional and physical health, especially during challenging times in your life. Choose workouts you enjoy while making healthy meal prep and exercise part of your routine. Stash non-perishable snacks such as nuts, dried fruit, or trail mix in your car or bag. If work interferes with your goals, taking the stairs instead of the elevator and going for a walk during your lunch break also benefit your health. Naturally, whatever is good for your physical health also benefits your emotional health.


Self-Care Tips

Empathy for yourself is one of the strongest tools you have against overwhelm and anxiety. You have many responsibilities but also basic needs that must be addressed. Assert your own boundaries by setting a limit on the number of appointments you schedule. Reschedule them when possible and use coping strategies when rescheduling isn’t possible. Incorporate yoga, meditation, and journaling as part of your morning ritual, or use them as a day’s end reward for your accomplishments.

Breathwork, the start of meditation with Kati Kaia

Listen to your body

Our bodies are constantly communicating with us, but it can be easy to ignore the signs and symptoms they send. When we tune in and listen intuitively to what our bodies are telling us, however, it can be easier to identify when something is wrong. One way to do this is by journaling. Each day, take a few moments to check in with your body and write down any symptoms or concerns you have. Then, when you see your doctor, you can bring the journal and share what you’ve been experiencing. This can help to provide a more complete picture of your health and make it easier for your doctor to provide the best care possible. Ensure Proper Communication.

Having a conversation with your doctor is essential to understanding your role as a self-advocate, yet this can be challenging. You can make this easier by bringing a list of your concerns with you. Don’t be afraid to ask for definitions of any words you don’t understand. If your provider speaks too quickly, ask him or her to slow down so you can better understand them.


Be Your Own Advocate 

Maintaining proper documentation is a major part of medical care. Ask for copies of new medical procedures in addition to keeping any previous records. If something needs to be submitted in a timely manner, scan necessary documents into PDF formats which you can safely keep on a hard drive or a cloud. Many apps and software allow you to combine multiple PDF pages into one document. Follow these steps to do so. This way, your medical documents are easier to share, and files are easier to update. You'll get in for appointments more quickly and obtain copies of your records. You can also jot down notes on your phone or use its voice memo feature.


Advocate for Yourself

By following these tips, you can become your own health advocate. Incorporating self-care and healthy living while resolving your health care issues can help you feel better. Visit Kati Kaia to introduce healthy practices into your life today.



Written by Camille Johnson of 


From Camille: 

'When I lost both my parents and my spouse within a year, I had a hard time believing I would make it through the loss. Throughout the next year, my sadness developed into a deep depression. I didn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I began feeling physically unwell. 

Then, a friend of mine lost her husband and her child in an accident. I watched her grieve, and then I watched her seemingly move on with her life. Her bereavement process was so different than mine and, while I know that everyone deals with loss differently, she seemed to be doing it with so much grace and positivity. 

So, I asked her about her experience, and she was kind enough to share her grief story with me. She pointed me to a bereavement counsellor, who gave me the tools I needed to heal. And now I want to pay it forward. Camille's blog is there for lots of contents and blog posts dealing with grief.' 

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