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Corporate Gifts 2022 - 2023

Happiness can be found in everyday rituals, taking some time to inspire calm, thoughtful moments and gifts to treasure that show just how much you care.

Our Passion,

We want to lift and inspire our communities to the power of peaceful moments, to be a guiding light to ALL on the journey to a more balanced, creative and mindful lifestyle. Reflecting the powerful source of nature in our products, to unlock the creativity within us all, through everyday rituals, yoga, unity and peace.

We believe Pure Joy can be found in the small moments, that help people slow down, to move your body, balance your mind and feed your soul. To live mindfully and inspire the practice of calm.

No matter how big or how small, our luxury products are the perfect way to say thank you. Discover how you can make someone happy on your special occasions, or simply to say Thank You!

Our Corporate Collections

If there are elements of one meditation set that you like to mix with another or you want to design your own yoga and meditation kits, we are more than happy to work together to get the perfect gifts and price point for you. We offer volume discounts on mats and kits, plus to each gift we can add a personalised gift card and sticker with your own branding colours etc on the bow, there are various options. We look forward to working together!

Corporate Meditation Gifts & Kits. Find your perfect corporate gifts for workers to help them inspire, calmer and clearer.

Corporate Yoga Gifts & Kits

Happiness can be found in the smallest of moments. We have the perfect Corporate Mindfulness Gift sets for everybody. With elements from Aromatherapy to Candles...
Artistry Yoga Mats, Hand painted artworks feature on natural eco yoga mats by Kati Kaia

Artistry Travel Yoga Mats

All our beautiful artistry travel yoga mats collections together, browse our unique artworks, colours and creativity for your practice set up.Our travel yoga mats are...

Let Nothing Dim The Light That Shines Within

Dr, Maya Angelou